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C&C Technology Group provides solutions to address key business and operational concerns facing today’s Data Centers. Contact us for more info.

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Fiber Optic Cabling & Structured Cabling Design

C&C Technology Group provides solutions to address the demands facing today’s IT Infrastructure professionals. Ideal for data center, SAN or enterprise LAN applications, Infinitum fiber optic solutions support the demands of every business.

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Digital Building Company

Smart Building Technology Consulting

Intelligent building solutions are the future of commercial buildings. We bring IoT technology together to support SMB to Fortune 100s.

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Business Technology Solutions for over 35 years

Since 1985, C&C Technology Group has established itself as one of the leading technology advisory agencies in the NE US. We’ve been rated best in service and product quality to our customers. We work closely with clients as advocates for technology through all levels of the construction process – project managers, architects, engineers, general contractors, integrators, installers, and distributors. Our clients are in financial, legal, pharmaceutical, medical, education and more. Whatever business you are in, we provide a connectivity solution!

As an established premier technology advisory agency, clients choose us because of our expert enterprise IT infrastructure team that has been bringing straightforward, easy-to-implement solutions to complex business technology problems.

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Managing Partner

Josh Mahan

I know its challenging to plan and implement data center and intelligent buildings with the ever-changing technology landscape. My goal is that the C&C team can simplify the process and help you every step of the way. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you personally. – Josh


Bill Dalton

Hi, Bill here…Technology professionals today need to have true partners that support them through whatever obstacles that come along. The C&C team is dedicated to those partnerships to help ensure success. Feel free to contact us for any of your data center planning needs.

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Resources & Education

Fluke gold support

Protect your Tester with Fluke Gold Support

There’s nothing more frustrating than business downtime due to tester issues. You need the right support for your tester to ensure a high return on investment. It may be beneficial to look at Fluke Network’s Gold Support. Why consider this premium program for your tester needs? Let’s take a look at some of the features

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Top Pick – Fluke vs NetAlly Network Tools [2021]

The leading cause of industrial Ethernet network failures falls on poor network cabling. Of course there can always be issue on the network itself. Without proper connections and routing, an Ethernet system won’t run at the speed the business needs to. Likewise, if network configurations are not properly set additional problems will arise. Troubleshooting the culprit

smart buildings

What is a Smart Building and How Will it Benefit You?

It’s mid-March 2009 in New York City. You’re running late for your meeting downtown. As you rush out of your building lobby you are greeted with an icy blast of sideways rain. Frantically, you scan the street for a lit-up taxi medallion – shining like a beacon of hope, saying “Yes, I’ll pick you up

optical headroom pic

What is Optical Headroom? 5 Best Ways to Test It

Every second, 127 new devices hook up to the internet for the first time, adding to the 10 billion connected devices already accessing data networks. By 2025, there will be an estimated 41.6 billion connected devices, and these devices will generate 79.4 zettabytes of data. And as more devices connect across the world, creating more

Benefits of Fiber Connectors

What is an Ethernet Cable? Find the Best for Your Needs

Whether you’re running a data center with server rooms, a medical facility, an office, or some other type of business, you likely have a range of equipment that require the use of Ethernet cables to function. This article intends to explore the typical uses of Ethernet cables, the types of ethernet cables available for people

fiber optics microscopic

What is a Fiber Cassette? MPO Cassettes Importance

According to, the best way to keep up with the evolution of technology is to have a plan. When it comes to managing a data center, this aspect is a never-ending job. By the time something has been upgraded, there is always new technology up in the market.  For example, some networks are still

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