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At C&C Technology Group, a 40g transceiver vendor you can depend on, our team is available to provide help to business owners who are in the process of developing data center solutions that meet their needs. We are an agency representing manufacturers of the leading technology on the market. We have been in business since 1985 and have vast experience in assisting our clients in developing their data center solutions. We can help you understand Infrastructure and Operations and the key reasons you need to amp up your data center solutions. 

What are Infrastructure and Operations?

Within business, infrastructure and operations are made up of teams of people responsible for overseeing technology and data management. For infrastructure and operations teams, it’s essential to keep things functioning as smoothly as possible by training staff, conducting repairs, testing technology, and ensuring upgrades occur promptly. An infrastructure and operations team is charged with keeping up to date on the newest technology while also ensuring that their business can provide quality service and meet digital goals. 

Why the Increasing Demand for Data?

The world has created more than ever before devices and software that help us stay connected. From smartphones to smart appliances, the demand on data is ever growing by users. Not only will the number of connected devices increase in the future, but there are also trends that influence the structure of the data center, further driving the need for expansion on storage capacity and bandwidth. These devices include:

  • Intelligent Edge Computing
  • 5G Wireless
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Virtual Reality (VR)

What are Data Center Solutions?

Data center solutions are services and products that establish and maintain a data center. For example, servers, routers, IT equipment, firewalls, and storage systems are all considered to be data center solutions. These solutions can help with generators, cooling and heating systems, calbing, batteries, and more. Our team is prepared to help with technical support, equipment installation, and operational configurations.

Based on the goals and size of the business, it may be useful to own a data center, or to share with another tenant in the building. Data center solutions can entail setup and maintenance, or be expanded to include designing and constructing of a new data center. If you are interested in any of the following, then we suggest contacting our group to learn more: 

  • Solutions on how to modernize your data center
  • Running modern applications through technology solutions
  • Starting or evolving your cloud infrastructure and virtualization
  • Establishing automated IT so systems are more agile
  • Innovation of clouds with software-defined foundation
  • Having a digitial foundation that is consistently efficient on operations

Reasons Businesses Need Data Center Solutions

Our 40g transceiver vendor has witnessed firsthand how quickly technology changes. In the blink of an eye, new products are made available on the market, rendering past technologies obsolete. There are several options available, cloud and data center solutions, to name a few. While many are quickly moving data centers to the cloud, there are many reasons to consider data center solutions:

  • Data Center Solutions help you to retain control and protect your systems from being infiltrated
  • Clients can retain their direct relationships with vendors
  • Intellectual property is often a business’ most valuable asset, and a data center solution can help you protect it
  • A stable and predictable system that doesn’t bother clients with system downtime and outages
  • The ability to contact a live person for help. Issues with data centers allow you the ability to reach out to your internal IT for help. This can be advantageous over contacting a support center for assistance. 

Data centers are critical for businesses that are looking to house technologies in a centralized location. Data storage, backup, and recovery are crucial to a business’s function, which is why choosing data storage technologies available on the market today is a viable option.

Call C&C Technology Group Today

C&C Technology Group provides our clients with solutions to their technology problems. We offer fiber optic cabling, data centers, cabling solutions, intelligent building technology, and more. Unsure of whether you need our help? We offer free advisory services to answer your questions and help you initiate the process of developing a customized technology center. We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality products and services they can rely on. We provide versatile services, so, no matter your needs, you can depend on our 30 years of experience to find an appropriate solution.

C&C Technology Group offers the most comprehensive services and products in the industry, and have immense knowledge in storage, networking, data, and technological solutions. Whether it be server racks or hyper-scale deployments, we are a vendor that you can depend on. As a technology infrastructure leader, we are always pushing the envelope to provide the most advanced and current digital services. Don’t hesitate to call us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business technology goals.

For businesses looking to up their game, increasing productivity, employee satisfaction, and more, the C&C Technology Group can help guide you through finding a solution. We want to help you transform your business with the number of options that we can make available to you. We serve the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania area. To learn more, contact your local 40g transceiver vendor, C&C Technology Group, to get started today.

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