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Founded in 1959, Atkore is a leading provider of conduit and cable systems. C&C Tech Group is proud to work with Atkore to supply our clients with the best products for their cable management and data center solutions.

What is Atkore?

Atkore is one of the industry leaders for wire and conduit; the company has strong market positions and carries widely-recognized brands. They have a broad portfolio of electrical and mechanical solutions and products. Atkore serves various industries from HVAC and home improvement retailers to electrical and datacom distributors.

Atkore has been in business for over 60 years and employs almost 4,000 workers across 66 distribution and manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Atkore supplies electrical and mechanical products data centers, solar systems, and healthcare facilities, offers custom prefabrication solutions, and carries top-of-the-line cabling, tray systems, conduit, and fittings.


Atkore Solutions

Atkore provides custom solutions to companies worldwide, most notably:

Energy Solutions

Atkore offers customizable solutions for energy products requiring electrical cable and wiring, perimeter security, and mounting and racking systems.

They provide mechanical, electrical, and structural support for applications used in solar system infrastructures. Atkore’s engineers are experts in product fit and function, and they have delivered solar thermal system mounting and photovoltaic solutions around the globe. After the product selection and engineering support, Atkore works with the best contractors to integrate all of the required services into one complete package. They’ll handle the project from supply to execution.

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare facilities have specific requirements that need to be considered to implement safe, effective electrical raceways throughout the building. Atkore’s products and solutions meet those unique needs.

Atkore’s healthcare solutions applications include:

  • Corrosion resistance: when working with healthcare equipment, even a small amount of corrosion can have detrimental impacts. Atkore uses PVC coated conduit and jacketed cables to provide maximum corrosion protection.
  • Anesthetizing locations: through Class I Div , these areas are hazardous, defined by the hazards of vapors, dusts, and gases which are either combustible or ignitable. To safely serve these locations, Atkore provides rigid and IMC conduits.
  • Grounding bonding: areas of patient care require all branch circuits to be provided with effective ground current paths. Atkore achieves this by using approved grounding conductors like steel conduit or by using other products supplemented with grounding conductors.l
  • Wet locations: defined by patient care areas subjected to wet conditions, PVC coated and liquidtight products are the ideal solutions for wet locations. 
  • Electrical systems: especially important for healthcare facilities, Atkore provides electrical systems capable of supplying power services that adhere to safety standards and supply power services during times when it may be interrupted. These electrical systems require mechanical protection from various damage sources, and Atkore has the supplies to ensure those protections.

Prefabrication Solutions

Atkore offers prefabrication services from fully engineered modular systems to off-the-shelf solutions. Companies choose Atkore for their prefabrication needs because of their:

  • Schedule compression: Atkore’s off-site prefabrication services allow for faster installation times, improved labor management, and the elimination of weather delays.
  • Quality assurance: because their prefabrications are built in a controlled environment, they can adhere to a higher quality standard.
  • Material handling & logistics: because materials get handled off-site, logistics are simplified, and there is less on-site clutter, waste, and storage issues.
  • Cost certainty: because Atkore uses standardized production processes, they can accurately predict your costs early on in the project.
  • Reduced site impact: because of their reduced install times and required workers for each project, there is a lower potential for safety hazards.

Data Center Solutions

Electrical power for data centers are critical to ensure everything runs correctly, and Atkore’s electrical raceway solutions provide efficient, effective power. They offer a wide range of electrical raceway products along with technical, design, and engineering resources.

For data centers, Atkore handles your:

  • Entrances
  • Server rooms
  • Electrical rooms
  • Telecommunications rooms
  • Generator rooms
  • Power substations

With high quality:

  • Modular power systems
  • Armored cables
  • Innerducts
  • Cable trays
  • Wire baskets
  • Steel conduits
  • PVC pipes
  • Fittings
  • Barbed tapes
  • Struts 

Fiber Optic Testers

Get a detailed look at fiber testing and the kinds of fiber testers to guarantee network performance, and learn about the common contaminants of fiber optics in current mission-critical networks.

Aktore products

Atkore Products

Atkore has a wide product offering of cable, conduit, security, and more.

Cable Systems

Atkore’s cable systems feature metal clad, pre-wired armored cables (MC and AC), non-metallic and metallic liquidtight conduits, and datacom cables. They also offer specialty cables, including fire alarm control cables, MC-Stat healthcare cables, and MC-Quik termination cables.

Cable Tray Systems

Atkore’s cable tray systems feature fiberglass and metal cable trays, including wire basket and center hung systems for enhanced cable management. These systems are the preferred choice of facility owners and installers for datacom and power. Atkore also carries widely-recognized products like Acrofil and the Cope Cat Tray basket.


Atkore’s conduit portfolio consists of aluminum, steel, and PVC substrates. Their conduit technology features a unique in-line galvanizing process for EMT conduit. Other featured advances that benefit contractors include E-Z Pull EMT, and Kwik-Fit Compression, EMT, and Set Screw counduits. Atkore also carries a full line of True Color EMT wiring systems.


Atkore’s fittings portfolio perfectly complements their cable and conduit offerings for an entire electrical system solution. They provide fittings for flexible metal conduit, steel conduit, rigid conduit, liquidtight flexible conduit, and more. Atkore also offers fittings for full electrical wiring raceways for new construction markets.

Atkore carries top brands, including:

  • ACS/Uni-fab
  • AFC Cable Systems
  • Allied Tube & Conduit
  • Conduit & Fittings
  • Mechanical Tube
  • Traffic Products
  • American Pipe & Plastics
  • Atkore International
  • Columbia-MBF
  • Cope
  • Calbond
  • Calbrite
  • Calconduit
  • Calpipe Security Bollards
  • Communications Integrators
  • Eastern Wire + Conduit
  • FRE Composites
  • Flexicon
  • Heritage Plastics
  • Kaf-Tech
  • Marco Cable Management
  • Power-Strut
  • Queen City Plastics
  • Razor Ribbon
  • Steel Components Inc
  • Unistrut
  • Unistrut Construction
  • US Tray
  • Vergokan

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