Understanding Audiovisual Technology: Advances in AV

Remote employees collaborating using audiovisual technology

Audiovisual (AV) technology has grown exponentially in recent years by creating unique immersive experiences that broaden the user’s learning and development capability. We’ll explore some of the most significant advances in AV and learn how enterprises can adopt these new technologies to enhance their business and customer experience. 

Touchless Environments and Building Automation

As a result of the pandemic, many businesses adopted touchless environments and building automation to create safer, more sanitary work environments that required very little human interaction for managing and regulating many building systems. 

By creating touchless environments, employees feel more comfortable returning to work because it reduces person-to-person contact. Building automation also creates energy-efficient environments that enhance work conditions while reducing the environmental footprint by using AI to analyze data and regulate different systems for optimal performance.

Our smart building solution enables your business to consolidate many of your building’s systems into a single infrastructure that can automate and manage these systems to create a touchless environment that increases productivity and efficiency.

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Hybrid Work Models

Hybrid work models result from improved video conferencing and collaboration technology that enable employees to choose whether they want to work remotely or in-office, depending on their tasks. Giving employees a choice of when they come to the office or work from home can increase productivity and employee satisfaction. 

A hybrid work environment allows employees to create an optimal work experience that reduces burnout and stress levels. Employees can use various collaboration applications to communicate effectively to accomplish tasks. 

Our hybrid work solution enables your business to create a seamless environment where remote employees can easily collaborate with in-office employees without affecting performance. You can demo the solution to decide if it is right for your business.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring of AV systems is another advancement that reduces overhead costs making it easier to manage and set up AV applications and systems for internal collaboration. These remote monitoring systems provide real-time feedback without needing an AV technician to facilitate the AV applications. 

Overall this reduces the need for a technician to monitor and manage the AV technology because the system proactively notifies the technician if it detects a problem. This frees up time for your audiovisual lT team to attend to other duties, and it decreases operational costs. 

AR mobile application
AR mobile application

Augmented Reality

Similar to virtual reality, augmented reality (AR) enhances a real-world environment by using computer-generated enhancements that stimulate multiple senses like visual, auditory, and olfactory. It combines the real world with virtual world stimuli to create an immersive experience. 

Enterprises are utilizing AR to create effective marketing tools and user experience. AR can allow users to see how products would look in their homes before buying, provide immersive demonstrations of products and services, engage customers with more opportunities to interact with products and services before they buy, and build the business’s audience through unique visuals and videos. 

Collaborative Meeting Spaces

The pandemic reshaped how businesses conducted business, shifting to remote work and a need for collaborative technology. Businesses needed collaborative meeting spaces where remote employees could work together in real-time from different locations. 

Businesses need technology where remote employees can interact through video while sharing collaborative software to work together on specific programs. As this technology evolves and improves, more and more people will opt for remote work vs. in-office. 

Want a hybrid workplace solution that leverages the best collaboration technology for optimal productivity? Contact us to demo our services. 

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Spatial Audio

Spatial audio is a new audiovisual technology that allows users to process sound as though it was in-person. So the audio comes from different places, and the sound source changes depending on how you would hear it in real life. 

Enterprises are leveraging spatial audio to enhance their own products and use spatial audio to improve collaboration technology and web and mobile applications to simulate real-world sound. Spatial audio improves sound quality, creating better communication.

Digital Events 

The pandemic forced many events and conferences to move to digital events vs. live in-person. But now, as AV technology has grown tremendously, there are viable solutions for creating digital events that provide a similar experience to attending live. 

These digital events enable businesses to provide conferences, networking opportunities, and marketing launches that have the same appeal and traction as a live event. As more live events begin to come back, there will probably be a shift to hybrid events where attendees can choose from digital or in-person.

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Conference room collaboration meeting
Conference room collaboration meeting

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a powerful tool to help enterprises communicate quickly with customers. These large digital visual displays can communicate messaging, engage viewers, create an immersive environment, and encourage collaboration. 
Some businesses are also leveraging digital signage to enhance their security. By incorporating digital signage with access control and video surveillance, security can automate occupancy levels, monitor traffic flow, and provide clear messaging to enforce security policies.

Incorporating Advances in AV Will Elevate Your Business Practices

Enterprises that adopt many of these AV advancements will see improved customer experience and engagement. It also enables the business to create hybrid collaborative environments that don’t lose a step. You’ll want to customize a solution that makes sense for your business and budget.

C&C Technology Group can create an innovative building solution for enhancing your audio visual for better communication and improved user experience. We also offer a human-centric optimization solution that can enable your hybrid work environment for improved productivity.

Are you looking to optimize the work environment for security and improved customer service? Learn more about our Smart Building Solution.  

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