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USB-C Cable

What is USB Type-C? USB-C Buyer’s Guide

Technology is constantly evolving, so buyers must adapt to the new technology as it appears on the market. Many devices use USB-A, USB-B, or USB-Mini B, but pretty soon, all those connectors will be defunct. With the advent of USB-C, many big-name tech companies are making the switch so their products will only be compatible

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LG UltraWide Monitors

21:9 Ultrawide Monitors: The Future of Video Conferencing

As video conferencing technology has grown in the past few years, so has the need for new monitor technology. Many companies are turning to 21:9 ultrawide monitors to help give their in-person viewers of video conferences a more immersive, personal experience. What are 21:9 ultrawide monitors, and how can your company use them? We’ll define

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Smart Museum

5 Amazing IoT Innovations in Smart Museums

The Internet of Things is frequently used in most commercial and industrial settings, but it’s also beginning to be adopted by a broad range of public institutions, such as galleries and museums. These types of public institutions are a vital part of society and our ability to maintain a connection to our history and cultures. 

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IoT Internet of Things

3 Unique Examples of IoT Applications in Sports

It seems like IoT is everywhere these days. We’ve got smartwatches, smartphones, and even smart toasters. What is IoT? And, how is it used in athletics and sports today? We’ll define IoT and then give three unique examples of how it’s changing every aspect of sports for athletes and fans. Related: 10 Best Smart Building

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3 New Trends in Immersive Experience to Watch

Nothing is quite as immersive and thrilling as watching your favorite band play your song live in concert. Watching anything live with others evokes a feeling of togetherness and solidarity, a feeling people really crave more than ever before. The same can be said for attending other venues like sporting events, plays, shows, or even

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6 Best Ways to Improve a Building’s Access Control System

Whether your building’s access control system needs an upgrade, you’ve been considering installing one, or there was an event that warrants a change, the time to evaluate your security and procedures is now. Access control is a critical part of a complete security plan. Keep these six key things in mind to improve your existing

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7 Key Tips for Navigating Smart Building Design

With technology that includes improved climate control, intelligent parking garages and self-cleaning bathrooms, and many additional use cases that are both known and yet to be conceived, this already multibillion-dollar business is expanding rapidly. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global smart building market is anticipated to increase from $80.62 billion in 2022 to $328.62

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8 Cutting Edge Examples of IoT in Retail

According to the most recent 2021 IoT Use Case Adoption study, more and more Internet of Things (IoT) use cases are being adopted. It’s not surprising that the IoT in retail market size is anticipated to reach USD 182.04 billion by 2028, given that 70% of retailers are optimistic that IoT will have a big

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How Life-Safety Systems & Technology Keep Students Safe

The major responsibility of a school is to teach its students. However, keeping a safe learning environment is another equally crucial duty. A secure learning environment and education go hand in hand. It will be challenging for students to learn if they don’t feel safe in a learning environment. This applies to all digital learning

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Fine Pitch Outdoor LED Video Walls Are Trending

LED video walls are bigger and better than ever, with many displaying a finer pitch than those previous models. With that, they create a seamless viewing experience that delivers quite the impression for the viewer. LED displays continue to develop their technology, meaning a rise in popularity. These outdoor fine pitch LED video walls are

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Woman holding the ends of several thin fiber optic cables

Working with Fiber Optic Cables: 5 Important Safety Measures

People need to look out for a massive range of hazards while working on industrial or commercial networks, especially when interacting with high-powered electrical components and sources of bright light or extreme heat. Sadly, that’s an ample reason why people don’t act as safely around fiber optic cables as they need to.  Because these cables

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Understanding what is ICT

What is ICT? Information and Communications Technology

Even if you don’t fully understand the powerful concept of information and communication technologies, you likely know at least a small amount about them if you leverage the internet and various technologies to connect with others, look things up, and more.  In the article below, our team of passionate tech experts from the C&C Technology

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