What Is AV Furniture and Why Is It Important for Your Audiovisual System

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AV furniture, crafted to accommodate and support AV equipment like projectors, screens, and speakers, includes desks, tables, and lecterns explicitly constructed for AV hardware integration.

Such furniture is vital in any audiovisual system, guaranteeing the technology functions effectively and efficiently.

This piece will delve into AV furniture’s importance and advantages for your audiovisual setup. 

Additionally, we’ll examine the diverse array of AV furniture, customization choices, and the integration of AV technology into furniture.

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Advantages of AV Furniture

AV furniture offers numerous benefits for an audiovisual system, including:

  • Organization: AV furniture organizes and simplifies access to audiovisual equipment. It enables installers to arrange technology appropriately and can be customized to incorporate cooling, cable management, and security features.
  • Aesthetics: AV furniture enhances the overall look of an audiovisual system by concealing equipment, creating a more streamlined and professional appearance. Aesthetics is particularly crucial in settings such as lecture halls, classrooms, auditoriums, and boardrooms.
  • Security: AV furniture safeguards audiovisual equipment from theft and damage. Specialized AV furniture provides essential features like proper ventilation, component accessibility, and refined wire management. These factors ensure the technology functions effectively and efficiently while protecting the investment made in AV technology.

AV furniture’s benefits guarantee that audiovisual equipment operates at its best, appears professional, and is shielded from theft and damage.

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Varieties of AV Furniture

A range of AV furniture types is available, each with distinct features and purposes.


Desks are designed for lecturers and presenters to manage AV lecture content, screen or projector video sources, audio, lighting levels, and more.

Desks feature built-in storage for AV equipment and cabinets with 19-inch removable 6U racks. In addition, desks, control housing, and screen mounts can be adjusted for standing or seated operation.


Tables are portable items that support AV hardware. They offer ample capacity and connectivity for cabling, codecs, and integration with other systems. Tables come in various shapes with cut-outs compatible with all leading brands of connectivity devices. They can also be customized with different colors and logos. Seating may be provided as an optional extra.


Lecterns are furniture designed for speakers to store media electronics. They offer secure storage for AV equipment, a high-quality monitor arm, control panel housing for standard and custom apertures, and power outlets. 

Lecterns come in free-standing and large-screen versions. Free-standing lecterns provide secure storage for media electronics with 19-inch 16U rack mounting as standard. 

Large-screen lecterns feature a fixed tilt and height version for screens from 33 to 70 inches and an adjustable tilt version with motorized adjustable height for screens 46 to 110 inches.

AV Equipment Racks

AV equipment racks come in various heights, measured in rack spaces or units, depending on the components’ requirements. 

They can be mounted inside a media cabinet, on a wall using a swing-out mount, or placed on casters for easy accessibility during servicing. 

Custom units are often desired, and some individuals incorporate sophisticated gear into the room’s design through custom-framed racks facing the interior.

With proper planning and the involvement of designers, integrators, and architects, AV equipment racks can be customized and personalized to create an efficient and visually appealing audiovisual system.

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Customization Options for AV Furniture

AV furniture can be tailored to meet specific needs and requirements. Some standard customization options include:

  • Size: AV furniture can be crafted in various sizes to accommodate different equipment and room dimensions.
  • Storage space: AV furniture can be customized for additional storage space for AV equipment, cables, and accessories.
  • Style: AV furniture can be personalized to align with the style and design of the room or space in which it will be used. Customizations include options such as colors, finishes, and logos.
  • Materials: AV furniture can be constructed from various materials to suit different preferences and durability requirements. Options may include wood, metal, or a combination of both.
  • Cable management: Customized cable management solutions can be integrated into the AV furniture to keep wires organized and out of sight.
  • Accessibility: AV furniture can be designed with accessibility features, such as adjustable heights or wheelchair accessibility, to accommodate a diverse range of users.

Integrating AV Technology Into Furniture

Blending AV technology with furnishings requires meticulous planning and attention to various elements, such as temperature, safety, and overall integration.

Managing heat is vital when dealing with AV gear, as sufficient airflow is essential for optimal performance.

Safeguarding the equipment is equally crucial, considering the high cost of AV components and the possibility of theft.

Furthermore, confirming a seamless fit of the equipment within the furnishings is imperative for smooth and efficient functioning.

Engaging the designer, integrator, and architect to address these matters is critical in exploring diverse alternatives with clients. This joint effort guarantees that every aspect of incorporating AV equipment into the furnishings and environment is considered.

Lastly, weighing the equipment’s placement and arrangement within the furnishings is vital to ensure adequate airflow, easy access, and security.

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Partner with an Experienced AV Technology Provider for Your AV Furniture Needs

AV furniture is crucial in establishing a functional and efficient audiovisual system for educational and corporate settings.

Selecting the appropriate AV furniture is essential to meet specific needs and requirements. Purpose-built AV furniture offers important features such as proper ventilation, easy access to components, and sophisticated cable management.

The size, storage space, and style are essential when choosing between desks, tables, or lecterns for audiovisual system needs.

To make the best choice, enlist the help of experienced AV technology partners like C&C Technology Group

They collaborate with leading technology manufacturers and provide various services, including product sales, support, specification, system design, installation, training, and maintenance.

By partnering with a skilled AV technology provider, you can ensure your AV furniture needs are addressed effectively and efficiently, leading to a more streamlined and professional audiovisual system.

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