Best AOC Cables Vendor

Why AOC Cables might be the perfect fit for your Data Center

Best aoc cables vendor

Are you considering AOC cables as a data center and enterprise usage increase? Legrand powered by Integra Optics can help increase your network speed plus keep it up and running. An AOC cable is a cable that converts electrical signals into optical for the transmission of data communications. They will suffice for short or long distances between source and display.

Comparing Legrand’s AOC cables verses Legrand’s copper cables, you will find a significant difference. Legrand’s AOC cables are lighter, faster in speed, offer lower power consumption, lower loss per mated connection, and they are very flexible. Legrand powered by Integra Optics offers many different connector types for the cables. Some of the different connector types are HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, QSFP, and SFP. Legrand offers many different lengths in meters plus specific jackets, plenum or shielded for example.

Legrand powered by Integra Optics is focused on uptime and making sure customers have 100% reliability when it comes to fiber products. Legrand helps engineers, technology designers, and IT managers build their fiber network with the use of AOC cables. Legrand’s AOC cables might not be the most cost effective, but they will give you the desired result for your fiber infrastructure. Legrand will provide sample cables that have been factory tested and will send them to the customer to evaluate themselves. Many customers elect to go for the cheapest price sometimes as budgets can be tough, but it ends up creating a huge headache as the product does not function properly. Legrand and Integra offer many tools that enable network engineers and technicians to reconfigure their fiber hardware onsite. These tools can help you recode AOC cables if desired.

Legrand powered by Integra Optics recently worked with a company looking to save money and reduce costs. The customer switched from traditional transceivers to Legrand AOC’s not just for the savings, but also for the reduction in maintenance. AOC’s do not have fiber connectors that need to be cleaned every time they are removed or plugged in. That is a huge reduction in labor. Dirt can cause significant loss in a fiber network. AOC cables from Legrand eliminate this issue. They are much thinner than traditional cables allowing increased airflow and making them easier to install. Many customers especially data centers see the advantage of going with Legrand AOC’s. Legrand can supply the customer with custom lengths for short and long distances. AOC cables can also be supplied on reels for the longer runs. Legrand’s team will work very closely with the end user to make sure everything goes smoothly and the product functions properly. The customer was very happy as a result of switching to the AOC cables. It was definitely a big savings for the company.

C&C Technology Group is the manufacturer representative for Legrand fiber products including the AOC cables. They cover the states of New York, Delaware, New Jersey, and the city of Philadelphia. Their customer base is data center, higher education, government, financial firms, and healthcare. They work closely with their customers to provide them with product solutions that can help their everyday needs. C&C recently worked with a very large conglomerate in NYC who switched to AOC cables powered by Integra Optics. They are very pleased with the results and are happy with the products and support provided by Legrand and C&C Technology Group.

If you need more information about the best AOC cables vendor please visit the C&C Technology Group website:

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