Improve Network Performance With High-Quality Cat-6 Ethernet Cables

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Catch the Ethernet! Ethernet connections offer download speeds that are two times faster than Wi-Fi. If you’re setting up an office and need to transfer files or stream videos regularly, you should get Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi. 

Cat-6 Ethernet offers some of the fastest internet connections in the technology industry. However, you must purchase the best Cat-6 Ethernet cable to enjoy fast, steady connections. Here are a few highly recommended Cat-6 Ethernet cables. 

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Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics cables are good options if you’re looking for simple products. They are compatible with personal computers, televisions, tablets, printers, and Power over Ethernet lighting. They work for office and home networks, making them suitable for remote employees. 

Amazon’s products contain RJ45 connectors. The connectors have gold plates that are sturdy and corrosion-free. They transmit data at 1 Gigabit per second, ten times faster than Cat-5 cables. 

You can buy cables between three and 50 feet, though 14-foot products are the most popular. You can buy packs with five, ten, 18, and 24 cables, connecting multiple devices simultaneously. Some customers feel that the wires are slightly flimsy, so be careful when installing them around corners or against walls. Use pins to keep them in place. Amazon offers a free one-year warranty if you break them during the installation. 

Cable Matters

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Cable Matters is one of the most popular Ethernet suppliers. The company sells over five million products yearly, including thousands of Ethernet cables

Cable Matters’ Cat-6 Ethernet cables work for servers, switch boxes, media players, and VoIP phones. They are backward compatible with Cat-5 networks, yet they provide up to 500 MHz bandwidth. You can use them for cloud databases, servers, and video streaming and surveillance. 

The products have bare copper conductors that transmit connections easily. The connectors contain gold-plated contacts that offer heat resistance, corrosion protection, and durability. Cable Matters uses PVC jackets for its cables, letting you snake them around corners, through holes in your walls, and under the ground. 

You can buy cables in six colors; black and white are the most popular options, but blue and green items are easy to spot and replace. You can get products between one foot and 150 feet long, with 25-foot products being the most popular option. You can buy a 25-foot cable for $10.

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If you’re looking for cables you can place underground or outside, buy GearIT outdoor cables. GearIT designs its products to be waterproof, UV-resistant, and durable. You will receive an Ethernet connection even during snowstorms and natural disasters. The cables offer data transmission rates of 550 MHz without slowing down, and they are compatible with smart TVs, scanners, and other devices in smart buildings. 

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You can use GearIT cables in your office or home as well. They work well within ceilings and walls. You can also place them below floors and carpets. GearIT designs cable jackets with a special type of PVC, which makes the cables more durable yet less flexible. If you’re connecting a computer around a corner, you may need ties to keep the cable against the wall. 

You can purchase GearIT cables between 25 and 250 feet. You can only buy black products. The cables contain copper-clad aluminum, which is less conductive than pure copper. The longer your line is, the weaker your connection may be, so buy shorter cables for consistently high Ethernet speeds.


Maximm Cable specializes in bulk sales and long cables. You can buy a Cat-6 product of up to 300 feet, connecting a computer far from the Ethernet network. Maximm’s cables support less bandwidth because they are longer, but you can receive 250 MHz. Many use Maximm products for outdoor video cameras, garden offices, and printers. The cables are UL-listed, adhering to the strictest safety standards in the Ethernet industry. They come in ten colors; if you want to conceal your cables within your office, buy white or gray ones. 

The cables contain pure copper, gold-plated connectors, and other high-quality materials that resist wear and tear. The core of the cable contains bare copper, which conducts electricity better than other types of copper. You will have a reliable connection, no matter how long your wire is. You can use Maximm products for any device, including Power over Ethernet technology, and they are compatible with Cat-5 networks. 

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Ultra Clarity

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Ultra Clarity cables are great for home and office networks, data centers, and phone lines. Ultra Clarity conducts several rounds of testing on each cable, ensuring that only high-quality products reach the public. The company prioritizes durability and offers a one-year warranty. The company will give you a free replacement if your cable stops working or breaks. The products follow standards set by national organizations in the United States and Europe, making them suitable for all offices and industrial centers. 

Ultra Clarity cables are among the most high-performance Ethernet products. They have low return loss and crosstalk with a high signal-to-noise ratio. They support 500 MHz frequencies, making them suitable for personal computers and laptops. 

You can buy cables between six and 100 feet in length. The 100-foot cables have molded boots that fight snags and tangles that can damage your connections. Their PVC jackets are nearly six millimeters thick, resisting water and heat. 

Ultra Clarity provides four colors, with black and blue products being the most popular. The list price is $16, but the company offers sales and free shipping if you shop with Amazon Prime.

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