What is an Ethernet Cable? Find the Best for Your Needs

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Whether you’re running a data center with server rooms, a medical facility, an office, or some other type of business, you likely have a range of equipment that require the use of Ethernet cables to function. This article intends to explore the typical uses of Ethernet cables, the types of ethernet cables available for people to choose from, and the advantages and disadvantages they can provide when hardwiring devices through them.

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What is an Ethernet Cable and Why Are They Needed?

An ethernet cable is a type of standard network cable used to connect a wide range of devices within a local area network, including routers, PCs, switches, and more. Ethernet cables are relatively versatile and can be utilized in various settings since their ports are standardized internationally and across all ethernet cable categories. Businesses- especially those relying heavily on computer usage- will typically have most of their desktops hardwired through Ethernet cables to provide safer, faster, and more consistent internet connectivity than WiFi networks. 

However, while these cables provide faster, more secure internet connectivity, they are limited by their physical durability and length. Poor quality network cables or cables that are too long cannot carry a good network signal, which can impede the efficiency of the technology they are used with. These limitations are one of the primary reasons different Ethernet cable types were developed. These cable types were specifically designed to optimize the performance of specific tasks.

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What do Ethernet Cables Look Like?

Ethernet cables strongly resemble traditional phone cables but are more extended and contain eight wires, while phone cables only have four. The connectors and ports for Ethernet cables are also much longer than those of phone cables, and their wires tend to come in a broader array of colors. Computer Ethernet ports are accessible through the Ethernet card included on the computer’s motherboard, typically located on the back of a standard desktop computer or the side of a laptop. Though some laptop models also have their Ethernet port located conveniently in the back as well.

Ethernet cables can also come in various forms and lengths depending on what you need them for. Bulk cables, for example, are great for businesses and custom jobs and tend to come in lengths of 1000 feet. They also tend to be unterminated, so those using them will need to ensure the correct connectors for effective installation. On the other hand, Patch cables are much shorter and flexible than bulk cables and tend to be great for connecting different devices to your routers, such as computers and gaming systems.

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What Are The Types of Ethernet Cables?

It’s essential to understand that Ethernet cables are typically manufactured in two primary forms (solid and stranded) and come in a range of different categories to meet specific industry standards, specifically Category 5 and Catagory 6 (typically referred to as CAT5 and CAT6).

Solid Ethernet Cables

Solid Ethernet cables tend to provide moderately better performance than stranded cables, along with a higher level of protection against different types of electrical interference. They are commonly used in business networks, under lab floors, and for wiring inside office walls.

Stranded Ethernet Cables

Stranded Ethernet cables are specifically designed to resist breaks and physical cracks, making them more efficient for in-home network setups or when taken with people during travel.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Hard-Wiring Your Devices Through Ethernet Cables

Hardwiring your devices through Ethernet cables comes with a range of pros and cons that people should carefully consider before implementing them into their homes or businesses. For example, Ethernet cables are great for wiring large or powerful devices that require a lot of bandwidth and would otherwise take up a lot of WiFi. They also offer a faster and much more stable connection than WiFi. Additionally, Ethernet cables are universal and don’t change depending on your devices or what country you’re in.

All that said, there are some limits to Ethernet cables that need to be noted. For instance, a single cable has a maximum distance capacity that must be adhered to prevent signals from being lost. Different cables will have different lengths that can be used before attenuation occurs, so it’s essential to ensure that you have the cables you need to serve your specific purposes. Additionally, the signals running between devices through Ethernet cords can be significantly impacted if they pass near other large electrical appliances. Meaning the positioning of the cables is an essential piece people need to consider when setting up their networks.

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Final Factors to Keep in Mind

Ethernet cables are an essential component to consider when it comes to how you want to wire your home, data center, or business to acquire the most stable and secure internet connectivity possible. If you’d like to learn even more about Ethernet cables and other specialized equipment, please consider checking out the range of specially crafted resources from the C&C Technology Group today. And don’t forget to check out their range of expert services and solutions for developing effective data centers, hybrid workplaces, and more.

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