Maximize Network Efficiency With the Best Patch Panels

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Don’t forget about panels! When people set up Ethernet systems, they usually think about cables and server racks. But patch panels can keep your cables organized and easy to access while providing fast Ethernet speeds.

Not all patch panels come alike. To find the best patch panel, you need to research the industry and find a product that fits your unique needs. Here is your quick guide to the best patch panels. 

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Cable Matters

Cable Matters designs its patch panels to support as many jacks, keystones, and cables as possible. You can connect HDMI and USB cables with auxiliary and RJ45 connectors to your panel. The panels accommodate RG6, 3.5mm, and fiber keystones as well. Be careful with putting in the keystones; some customers report having difficulty putting them in and getting them out. The product also consolidates data, fiber, voice, and video connections. 

The panel contains 24 C-shaped keyholes, providing enough room that you can use zip ties to secure the cables. Each port has a numbered label and a writable space so you can take notes on what cables are connected to your panel. The product has a management bar to support the weight of all 24 cables attached to it. The panel has flame-retardant, high-impact, and powder-coated steel that resists wear and tear. 

The product comes with 25 three-inch cable ties and an instruction sheet. You can install the panel in any cabinet or server rack; it is only 1U tall, so you can mount TRENDnet’s panel anywhere on your rack. Cable Matters patch panels are suitable for structured cabling, especially if you’re setting up a new cabling system.

Cable Matters also makes a wall-mounted panel. This panel is suitable for tablet computers, low-voltage cabling, and Cat-5E and Cat-5 Ethernet networks. It is compatible with Ethernet switches and offers speeds of up to 10G. It complies with UL fire safety standards


Blue wires connected to a panel

Rapink products work for Ethernet, HDMI, and VGA cables. You can use RJ45 connectors to connect your wires to the panel. It contains gold-plated keystones, providing speeds of up to 10G. They are best for personal computers, making them suitable for office spaces and data centers. The product is compatible with Cat-5E, Cat-6, and Cat-7 Ethernet cables. 

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Rapink’s patch panels contain 24 or 48 ports, each with a label space. You can label the ports however you want, letting you develop an easy-to-remember tracking system. Each port has SPCC steel that protects against EMI and RFI noise. Some customers report cables falling out of the RJ45 ports on the back side of the panel. You may need to use ties or create slack in your cables so they don’t fall off. 

Rapink designs its patch panels to be simple to use and set up. You only need to spend ten minutes installing your panel and connecting your cables. It is 1.5 pounds, making it one of the heaviest patch panels on the market, so make sure you support it well. The product has a detachable back bar to mount the panel on a wall. You can combine it with couplers, fiber adaptors, and other tools for fast Ethernet speeds. 

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TRENDnet is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer networking products and tools. TRENDnet’s blank keystone 1U patch panel suits small and large data centers and companies planning to expand their operations. 

It contains 24 ports that support Cat-6 Ethernet cables and jacks. Each port is labeled, letting you easily track which cable you are working on. The SPCC steel panel can withstand torque and weight for years after you purchase it. The item is 19 inches long, providing enough space to keep your cables separate from each other. It is less than two inches wide, so you can easily place it on a floor or shelf. 

TRENDnet does not provide mounting screws or nuts, though customers report that mounting them on server racks is easy. You can also snap jacks and patch terminals in without much effort. 

If you’re worried about electromagnetic interference and crosstalk, TRENDnet makes a 12-port shielded patch panel. The product is compatible with Cat-5E, Cat-6, and Cat-6A Ethernet systems. It has an operating temperature between -13 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and the metal housing is heavy-duty. You can mount the product on a wall or desk or inside a server rack. It has a color-coded labeling system to organize your T568A and T568B wires. 

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Tripp Lite

Wires connected to a patch panel

Tripp Lite is one of America’s oldest power protection and electrical tool manufacturers. Tripp Lite has been in business since 1922 and sells products in over 80 countries. 

If you’re looking for a wall-mounted panel, buy the Tripp Lite Cat6 Wall-Mount PoE+ Compliant Patch Panel. The product has 12 or 24 ports for Cat-6 Ethernet cables with RJ45 connectors. However, you cannot use shielded cables with Tripp Lite’s items. Each port has a gold-plated contact to ensure a great connection. Tripp Lite recommends the product for surveillance cameras, but you can also use it for any Power over Ethernet system. The panel prevents spark-gap erosion, transmitting Ethernet seamlessly. 

The panel is easy to install. It is less than one pound, so it will not damage your wall if it falls off. You can place the panel on a desk or inside a server rack, though it’s easier to install in two-post racks. The product comes with cable ties and removable cable management brackets to organize your wires. 

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