10 Best Security Companies for Your Business

The Best Security Companies in the United States

As adopting new types of security systems and the demand for security services worldwide becomes second nature, the global security industry is estimated to reach USD 167.12 billion by 2025.

Today, enterprises must verify the security posture of web apps and websites. Most security breaches occur at the web application layer.

On the other hand, many businesses are unaware that their online applications and websites are targeted regularly and that a single breach might permanently put them out of business.

C&C Tech Group partners with leading workplace technology providers to help you avoid falling victim to these attacks.

Let’s get started helping you find the right brands and manufacturers for your business quickly and easily!

Brother home logo

Brother Industries

Brother Industries is a $7 billion international corporation based in Westminster, Colorado. 

Brother industries offers products and assistance to:

  • Printers
  • Multifunction printers
  • Desktop computers
  • Consumer and industrial sewing machines
  • Large machine tools
  • Label printers
  • Typewriters
  • Fax machines
  • Other computer-related electronics.

Brother sells its goods both directly and through OEM agreements with other businesses.

Digital labor solutions home logo

Digital Labor Solutions

DLS is a low voltage, security, and audiovisual trade resource that provides services like:

  • Project Coordination
  • Last Mile Staging & Logistics
  • Drafting
  • Installation
  • Rack Fabrication
  • Audio DSP Configuration
  • System commissioning
  • Service Contracts
  • Control System Programming

Integrators may scale their teams and assist their integration projects in the Northeast and nearby areas with the help of their team of qualified professionals.

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Fiberfox logo


FiberFox’s cutting-edge core alignment Fusion Splicers were created by their engineering department collaborating with researchers at the Dae Duk R&D complex, a Korean government agency, and were finished in mid-2012.

Fiberfox is made up of a group of brilliant individuals with over 20 years of experience in the fiber optic telecommunications industry and splicers

To grow their global footprint, they also partner with experienced and trustworthy distributors in important geographic locations.

Fluke networks home logo

Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks started a new model for innovation twenty-five years ago, based on carefully selected groups called Phoenix Teams.

Fluke Networks is the world’s leading provider of certification, troubleshooting, and installation solutions for professionals who install and maintain essential network equipment.

Their famed reliability and unrivaled performance ensure that jobs are completed swiftly, from building the most advanced data centers to restoring telephone service after a tragedy.

Galaxy next generation logo

Galaxy Next Generation

Galaxy Next Generation collaborates with educators to help them improve the way they teach and learn in 21st-century classrooms.

This unique strategy combines digital material, learning data, and one-of-a-kind technologies to deliver the most up-to-date immersive and interactive experience.

Academic leaders, local police authorities, and first responders can use Galaxy Next Generation, Inc. unique software and hardware technologies to coordinate their efforts to keep schools and students safe.

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Invue home logo


InVue is a worldwide technology business that provides creative merchandising, security, and IoT solutions to the world’s most valuable brands.

By combining hardware and software solutions to safeguard and market their clients’ most important assets seamlessly, they may improve operations and provide a better user experience.

Problems solved with InVue Managing Multiple Keys is a challenge for retailers. Managing a large ring of keys can be challenging, resulting in issues such as:

  • Inefficient use of employees’ time 
  • Failure to provide excellent customer service
  • Loss of sales, which has a negative influence on the bottom line

The Invue Single One KEY Solution, which addresses these issues

for added security, generate a unique code and use the time-out function.

Benefits of InVue’s One Key include:

  • Internal theft can be reduced by being able to audit employee usage.
  • Transferring power and opening a wide range of possibilities.

InVue products also improve the client experience and increase the efficiency of retail services.

Do you own a data center, legal entity, hospital, or belong to the real estate industry? We have solutions for you. Contact us today to talk about your challenges and how to overcome them.

Middle atlantic home logo

Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlantic (recently Bought by Legrand) improves people’s lives by improving the areas where they live, work, and meet with simple, innovative, and sustainable electrical and digital infrastructures and linked solutions.

Middle Atlantic Products have been producing high-quality protection and support items for mounting integrated AV systems since 1979, to markets like:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Security
  • Broadcast applications

MA accomplishes this by pursuing sustainable business practices and creating great experiences in the products and services they design and manufacture, as well as the relationships they form and the way they work.

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Minuteman home logo

Minuteman Power Technologies

Para Systems, Inc. is a world leader in providing innovative, dependable, and cost-effective power protection devices to consumers and businesses.

Para Systems, Inc. has been revolutionizing the power protection market for about 40 years, and its Minuteman line of power protection equipment is a household name.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been protected by Minuteman UPS power protection products:

  • Homes
  • Businesses,
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Securing billions of dollars in vital infrastructure and equipment.

Minuteman Power Technologies products are available from C&CTechnology Group to meet your organization’s power requirements.

Superior essex home logo

Superior Essex

Superior Essex has been a leader in the wire and cable sector for 90 years, developing and innovating solutions for the industrial, automotive, commercial, energy, residential, and communications markets.

Superior Essex regularly extends its worldwide product offering, developing new manufacturing techniques and influencing industry change in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Superior Essex Communications has positioned itself at the forefront of communications cable product design, innovation, and production by focusing on future-forward communications product sustainability and technology development through strategic acquisitions.

SE offers solutions for enterprise networks, like: 

  • Data Centers
  • Commercial Offices
  • Healthcare
  • Digital Buildings
  • Large Venues
  • Hospitality
  • Education

Superior Essex Communications also offer wireless network support like:

  • 5G Networks
  • In-Building Wireless
  • Outdoor Small Cell Sites
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers
  • Long-Term Evolution
  • Broadband Networks
  • Power-Over-Ethernet
  • Data Centers
  • Governments
  • Sustainable Cabling
Primeview logo

Primeview Global

Primeview Global began as a company specializing in Visual Solutions focusing on the corporate sector in 1997. Preview designs develop and distribute cutting-edge visual display technologies for various industries.

Their production lines are tailored to fulfill the clients’ strict requirements consistently and reliably. 

Primeview’s products have been thoroughly tested by independent safety and standards organizations.

Recognized video wall experts create the company’s systems with decades of combined experience.

PG specializes in:

  • Display technology
  • System controls
  • Mounting solutions
  • Mission-critical wall processing

Looking for the Best Security Companies?

Getting the right vendor for your security needs may seem like a time-consuming process. There are so many businesses on the market that promise many things, but in the end, they don’t deliver. 

That’s why we have hand-picked this list for you, so you don’t have to worry about hiring an untrusty corporation. 

Here is a quick recap of the list again for your convenience:

  1. Brother Industries
  2. Digital Labor Solutions
  3. FiberFox Fusion Splicers
  4. Fluke Networks
  5. Galaxy Next Generation
  6. InVue
  7. Middle Atlantic
  8. Minuteman Power Technologies
  9. Superior Essex
  10. Preview Global

Looking for assistance with workplace technology planning and design for your expanding company or organization? C&CTechnology Group is a leading provider of ICT, AudioVisual, and Security solutions in the market. Contact us today!

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