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Biamp is a leading provider of networked media systems that power some of the world’s most sophisticated audio and video installations. The company is globally recognized for delivering high-quality products and providing a commitment to exceptional customer service. 

About Biamp

Biamp has created professional AV Solutions to enable great communication for over 40 years. From massive venues to the smallest of rooms, Biamp truly enables and empowers human connection across every space.

The company continually exceeds the accepted standards of AV technology and has a powerful commitment to its products and customers. Biamp handles the entire process from the initial design and engineering to manufacturing and testing, allowing the company to operate with faster response, shorter lead times, and greater convenience for its customers.

Other than delivering quality products and solutions, Biamp also helps its customers maintain them with the help of regional managers, customer service teams, and application engineers that are always available. Whether you need an answer to a technical question, help with system design or anything in between, customers worldwide trust Biamp with their AV needs.

Biamp’s Solution Offerings

Biamp provides its clients with exceptional product quality and has deployed its systems in over 100 countries and 10,000 locations. The company offers solutions for:

Conferencing for Large & Small Spaces

Biamp’s conferencing solutions feature intuitively designed controls and the most natural sound quality to help eliminate distractions so that participants can easily focus on the task at hand.

UC Solutions

Biamp offers additional conferencing solutions that are fully certified for use with Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams while being whitelisted on Zoom, serving as a powerful enhancement to the UC platforms that many businesses already use.

Sound Reinforcement

The company’s sound reinforcement systems feature push-button configuration, making it simple to quickly adjust settings and use in rooms of various sizes and acoustics.

Wireless Presentations

With the company’s wireless presentation solutions, users can share screens and receive content from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device, resulting in more productive meetings.

Networked Video Distribution

Biamp’s video encoders and decoders are the industry standard and support real-time distribution over a network, feature a patented and automated lip-sync management, and have low-latency transmissions and excellent image quality.

Voice Communications

Biamp’s products offer end-to-end capabilities to seamlessly integrate with its other technologies, like sound masking. The company’s voice communication products offer exceptional reliability and quality.

Networked Voice Evacuation & Paging

The company’s voice communication solutions are known for their unparalleled scalability, Superior reliability, and exceptional audio quality. Whether it’s supporting a single building, a large venue or a multi-location enterprise, Biamp’s networked voice evacuation and paging systems are the solutions that businesses worldwide trust for their audio needs.

Speech Privacy & Sound Masking

Biamp’s sound masking products help eliminate noise distractions to help improve speech privacy, which is a significant issue that can directly affect an employee’s productivity and job satisfaction.

Audience Engagement

The company’s unique audience engagement platform offers an ability for presenters and their audiences to interact seamlessly. Presenters can immerse their audience in discussions to create a more memorable, dynamic, and fun experience.

Large Venue Audio

Because every space has a unique acoustic need, Biamp offers a wide range of solutions that can serve conference rooms, retail spaces, stadiums, and every venue in between.

Enterprise AV Management

The company also offers enterprise software to help organizations easily manage and monitor their global AV systems.

AV Training

In addition, Biamp offers free and comprehensive product training to its customers, IT staff, integrators, or anyone else in the AV industry who wants to build their knowledge. The company offers courses and opportunities for accreditation so that users can become Biamp AV Lab Certified.

Support Tools & Resources

The company’s support knowledge base offers extensive resources to help troubleshoot issues and better understand the capabilities of its products. Biamp also provides a comprehensive range of datasheets, design guidelines, and technical specification documents to its users.

Educational Webinars

Biamp’s experts lead webinars that cover a range of subjects for both beginner and advanced AV technicians. They offer in-depth knowledge to provide you with opportunities to learn about the problems their technology can solve, how to use their devices, and various other subjects about the AV community.

Biamp product line

Biamp’s Premium Product Families

Biamp offers a wide range of premium product lines, including:


This Biamp product line is the evolution of enterprise audio and delivers breakthrough performance, smarter system modularity, and boundless expansion potential. It’s packed with AV DSP capabilities to enable truly seamless communication.


This line of products includes optimized fixed audio DSPS and is available in various models that are each designed for specific applications.


Biamp released its TesiraLUX product family to support real-time video distribution over networks and offer unmatched image quality and lip-sync capabilities.


TesiraCONNECT is a centralized connection point for Biamp’s devices and provinces PoE power and physical connections between your DSP and up to four Tesira products for a better media streaming experience.


This product line is designed for huddle rooms. Devio is a collaboration tool designed to bring full conference room video and audio to smaller spaces.


Parle is Biamp’s family of “Beam Tracking” microphones that deliver a superior audio experience and enable complete room coverage.


Desono is the company’s line of loudspeakers designed to work with its end-to-end Tesira solutions for sound reinforcement and conferencing.

Crowd Mics

With Crowd Mics, users can turn any smartphone into a wireless microphone, making for a fun, immersive, and memorable interactive experience at any event.


Vocia is the company’s offering for customers who need a multipurpose voice communication system. It’s a platform that provides users with unprecedented scalability, flexibility, and reliability.


Biamp offers the Cambridge line of sound masking solutions designed to protect speech privacy, increase workplace productivity, and reduce noise distractions.


Community is Biamp’s line of premium speakers for outdoor and indoor applications, including leisure, stadiums, commercial, and large venues.


Apart is a full signal path audio solution for home and commercial use in small and mid-size venues, like food service, education, retail, and small offices.

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