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C2G: The Best Cables & Adapters

C2G is a Legrand brand offering high-quality connector and network cable solutions for a diverse array of applications. 

About C2G

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is one of the most popular and effective methods of relaying your organization’s message to the masses. Digital displays are everywhere, from restaurants and airports to schools and highway billboards! No matter if you’re attempting to connect with a customer in a fast-food restaurant or a patient in a waiting room, C2G can plug you into the right digital signage solution. 

C2G provides a comprehensive line of digital signage distribution and infrastructure solutions ranging from network cable to devices like extenders, video splitters, and distribution amplifiers. RapidRun is C2G’s award-winning modular cabling solution, and the innovative audio/video cabling system allows multiple signals over a single Runner cable to save installation space and time. 

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Choose C2G For Your Digital Signage Application

C2G has been connecting people and networks for more than two decades. Their dedication to digital signage connectivity and highly driven market focus guarantees the products they sell are engineered to meet the needs of content providers, architects, and integrators. C2G’s exceptional presale and post-sale support offers interaction with tech-savvy representatives and ensures all your questions get answered. 

Government Solutions

Government applications require utmost security and reliability. C2G’s government solutions provide secure connectivity for everything from the data center to the desktop. 

Government products and solutions

Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a

C2G’s Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a patch cables are ideal for POE (Power Over Ethernet) applications, Ethernet cabling, Networking, and more. Offerings include non-booted, snagless, shielded, USA-Made, crossover, and value packs. 

Wiremold Raceway and Power

Wiremold products are constructed as aesthetically pleasing solutions for installing power products and cables in floors, walls, ceilings, or desks. Product lines include junction boxes, raceway, and A/Vand power boxes for walls, desktops, and ceilings.


Check out the brand’s DisplayPort cables, Mini DisplayPort adapters, cables, couplers, and extenders for connecting HDMI, DVI, VGA, standard DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort devices to a digital display. 

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Education Solutions

Schools are always looking for classroom technology solutions that make teaching and learning more effective for students and teachers alike. Shrinking budgets and constantly evolving technology make easy technology upgrades more important than ever, and why C2G maintains a holistic approach to meet the challenges of the education market. C2G offers innovative, flexible solutions for sharing, learning, and collaborating environments. Featuring a comprehensive suite of connectivity solutions specifically designed for the unique demands of K-12 education, C2G can help you wire your computer lab, classroom, auditorium, or library.


Choose C2G For Education Technology & Connectivity

A collaborative classroom needs to be able to upgrade technology efficiently and regularly, while remaining within budget. C2G’s innovative and flexible solutions are specifically engineered for K-12 schools and offer the ideal environment for helping teachers relay their lessons and students learn and grow. 

C2G Education Connectivity Application FAQs

What interactive whiteboard solutions does C2G offer?

C2G provides a wide range of products to help with interactive whiteboard connectivity, such as Wireless USB and SMART ECP extension cabling and USB Superbooster extenders. USB Superboosters offer an easy way to exceed the length limitations of USB cabling and allow for more flexible interactive whiteboard installation. When mobility or cabling is not necessary or possible, C2G’s Wireless USB offers 30 ft of connectivity from the computer of choice. 

C2G solutions for other K-12 settings

C2G boasts a diverse array of products with multiple applications in non-classroom educational environments such as libraries, conference rooms, digital signage, wiring closets, auditoriums, and faculty offices. C2G products like Cat5e/6 patch cords, network switches, and patch panels are suited for wiring closets, while products like their VGA over Cat5 are perfect for digital signage around educational institutions. Libraries can use C2G’s KVM over Cat5 solution, allowing computer cases to be installed in a remote location, reducing the risk of infection from outside media and saving space. Auditoriums and conference rooms can employ the brand’s Wireless USB products, and their USB docking station makes wireless usage a breeze.

What solutions does C2G offer for security and surveillance in educational institutions?

C2G’s Power Over Ethernet (POE) adapter provides 24 watts of power on the same Cat5e/6 cable used for video when there isn’t a power outlet for IP cameras. Browse the brand’s selection of Cat5e/6 bulk cabling (which comes in 500 ft and 1000 ft boxes). 

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Healthcare Solutions

Time spent away from home doesn’t necessarily have to mean sacrificing productivity, comfort, or entertainment. C2G knows how important it is to get connected, and offers solutions for the times you have to be away from home. Our line of Healthcare products serve patients and their families by giving you the comforts of home through A/V devices that are easy and quick to connect to. C2G A/V devices are also versatile enough to accept multiple inputs, accommodating a range of tablets, laptops, and mobile hardware. 

From laboratories and server rooms to nurses’ stations and patient rooms, C2G designs innovative connectivity solutions that meet healthcare facilities’ high requirements and expanding needs. 

C2G Healthcare Connectivity FAQs

Other than hospital-grade power cords, does C2G offer any other products for healthcare?

C2G provides a comprehensive suite of products beyond power cords for multiple applications like switches, splitters, A/V and networking cables, extenders, converters, RS-232 cables, and adapters. 

What are some C2G solutions for security and surveillance in a healthcare environment?

When there isn’t a power outlet for IP cameras, C2G’s Power Over Ethernet (POE) adapter can offer 24 watts of power on the same Cat5e/6 cable employed for video. C2G’s line of BNC and RCA baluns offer a cost-effective way to transmit video up to 1500 feet away. 

Does the FDA need to approve cable installation in healthcare environments?

FDA approval is unnecessary for cabling not designed for direct patient use, i.e cabling installed in or around the healthcare structure. FDA approval may be necessary for cabling that directly contacts a patient like sensors, probes, and fiber optic scopes. 

Is there a specific kind of power cable needed for healthcare environments?

Hospital-grade power cords are engineered for optimal bend radii and grounding qualities to protect against electrical arcs and shorts. Due to flammable chemicals like disinfectants, solvents, and oxygen, proper grounding is key in healthcare environments. Grounding faults can damage life-sustaining equipment, risking the safety of staff and patients. 

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