Cabling Solutions Contractor

Cabling solutions contractor

If you are interested in smart building technology, you should call C&C Technology Group. They can recommend a cabling solutions contractor and get you started on a strategic plan and implementation of this vital addition to a building. To schedule a consultation, please call our office today.

Understanding Smart Building Technology

As a cabling solutions contractor can explain, a smart building, also known as intelligent building technology, is any structure that has been outfitted with an automated system that controls systems like ventilation, lighting, security, heating, cooling, and more. A smart building uses actuators, microchips, and sensors that work together to gather data and make changes based upon preset values. As a result the smart building functions at an optimal level and a cost-effective price. 

8 Myths About Smart Building Technology

Although the demand for smart buildings is rapidly increasing, there are still many myths about this technology. Below are the most popular myths a cabling solutions contractor has heard from clients and the reality to them. 

Myth 8: Only one person can manage a smart building. A facility with a smart building system can be managed and improved by anyone with control access. This includes the owners, operators, and managers. 

Myth 7: The technology is very expensive. An investment for smart building technology often pays for itself after 12-24 months by delivering extensive savings on energy and operational efficiency. 

Myth 6: A smart building is just for energy saving. A smart building system has the potential to detect equipment failure and breaches in security. Knowing both of these beforehand could save on numerous costs as well as losses. 

Myth 5: A green building is the same as a smart building. A green building typically includes various efforts beyond building automation. A smart building maximizes energy efficiency and does monitor clean air, but it is not necessarily a green building. 

Myth 4: An industrial or laboratory facility cannot install smart building technology. A cabling solutions contractor can demonstrate that any building, including commercial and residential, can be outfitted with a smart building system – and benefit from it. 

Myth 3: Only new buildings can be outfitted with a smart building system. Many of the world’s smartest buildings are also the oldest. 

Myth 2: Smart buildings are not interoperable. Automation systems of the past used to work as a proprietary system, but now technology allows data to be gathered from disparate operational systems produced by every manufacturer, resulting in a fully functional smart building. 

Myth 1: A smart building is difficult to run. Smart buildings also incorporate smart management systems which are very easy to learn and operate on a daily basis. In fact, there is an option for a smart building to be remotely controlled using mobile devices.

Speak with Us Today!

If you are interested in smart buildings and would like to see how one can benefit your office, you should consider contacting C&C Technology Group to be connected with a cabling solutions contractor in your area. There are some people who question whether smart buildings are simply a trend or a fad that may not actually be able to help the office or help with energy efficiency, but we would like to show you how smart buildings can make a big impact. The cabling solutions contractors we can recommend have helped many people reside in the building of their dreams and they can help you as well. For more information on smart buildings or to speak with us about getting in touch with a cabling solutions contractor, please give our office a call. 

How can a smart building help me?

It is not enough anymore for a building to simply be a place where people work. Instead, you want to know that you are working in an office that is energy efficient, secure, and can assess your needs before you ever have to ask. When you work with our cabling solutions contractor, you know your building can have:

  • Smarter Lighting. When you set your lighting up to be in the same network as the energy management system, it is possible for it to self-assess when to turn lights on and off based on how much use a certain area in your office gets during the day. Additionally, offices with smart windows can self-adjust how much sunlight is let in during certain points in the day. This can make an impact on how much you need to run your HVAC.
  • Optimizing Energy Management. By implementing smart features in your building, many people have found that they can optimize their energy savings by utilizing different timers and setpoints. 
  • Office HVAC. Many people may forget about the HVAC in their building but not our cabling solutions contractor. Offices can save money by using smart HVACs to more efficiently run air conditioning with different types of fans. To learn about this, speak with our cabling solutions contractor.

When it comes to smart buildings, many people may believe they are created because they are flashy or because they show that a company has money. However, these kinds of buildings can actually save you money in the long-run and be more energy-efficient. Call to get a recommendation on a cabling solutions contractor now. 

Would You Like to Know More About How a Smart Building System Can Improve Your Performance?Imagine a controlled temperature environment that keeps you and everyone else comfortable. What if you could program background noise to make the surroundings more pleasant? Cleaner, healthier air; you got it! Plus you save money and time. This is smart building technology. Whether you own or manage a commercial or residential property, a smart building system can provide you with a broad range of benefits. At C&C Technology Group, we help you connect with companies that focus on the most practical, state of the art, smart building systems. Having years of experience and a client list that includes hospitals, government buildings, offices, schools, and more, we understand our clients’ needs as well as the needs of a building. To learn more about a contractor’s smart building systems, please call our office to get a recommendation on a cabling solutions contractor.

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