Cabling Solutions Contractor

Cabling Solutions Contractor

Cabling Solutions Contractor

If you are interested in smart building technology, you should call C&C Technology Group to speak with a cabling solutions contractor and get started on a strategic plan and implementation of this vital addition to a building. To schedule a consultation, please call our office today.

Understanding Smart Building Technology

As a cabling solutions contractor can explain, a smart building, also known as intelligent building technology, is any structure that has been outfitted with an automated system that controls systems like ventilation, lighting, security, heating, cooling, and more. A smart building uses actuators, microchips, and sensors that work together to gather data and make changes based upon preset values. As a result the smart building functions at an optimal level and a cost-effective price. 

8 Myths About Smart Building Technology

Although the demand for smart buildings are rapidly increasing, there are still many myths about the technology. Below are the most popular myths a cabling solutions contractor has heard from clients and the reality to them. 

Myth 8: Only one person can manage a smart building. A facility with a smart building system can be managed and improved by anyone with control access. This includes the owners, operators, and managers. 

Myth 7: The technology is very expensive. An investment for smart building technology often pays for itself after 12-24 months by delivery extensive savings on energy and operational efficiency. 

Myth 6: A smart building is just for energy saving. A smart building system has the potential to detect equipment failure and breaches in security. Knowing both of these beforehand could save on numerous costs as well as losses. 

Myth 5: A green building is the same as a smart building. A green building typically includes various efforts beyond building automation. A smart building maximizes energy efficiency and does monitor clean air, but it is not necessarily a green building. 

Myth 4: An industrial or laboratory facility cannot install smart building technology. A cabling solutions contractor can demonstrate that any building, including commercial and residential, can be outfitted with a smart building system – and benefit from it. 

Myth 3: Only new buildings can be outfitted with a smart building system. Many of the worlds smartest buildings are also the oldest. 

Myth 2: Smart buildings are not interoperable. Automation systems of the past used to work as a proprietary system, but now technology allows data to be gathered from disparate operational systems produced by every manufacturer, resulting in a fully functional smart building. 

Myth 1: A smart building is difficult to run. Smart buildings also incorporate smart management systems which are very easy to learn and operate on a daily basis. In fact, there is an option for a smart building to be remotely controlled using mobile devices. 

Would You Like to Know More About How a Smart Building System Can Improve Your Performance?

Imagine a controlled temperature environment that keeps you and everyone else comfortable. What if you could program background noise to make the surroundings more pleasant? Cleaner, healthier air; you got it! Plus you save money and time. This is smart building technology. 

Whether you own or manage a commercial or residential property, a smart building system can provide you with a broad range of benefits. At C&C Technology Group, we focus on the most practical, state of the art, smart building systems. Having years of experience and a client list that includes hospitals, government buildings, offices, schools, and more, we understand our client’s needs as well as the needs of a building. To learn more about our smart building systems, please call our office to schedule a consultation with a cabling solutions contractor. 

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