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Cablofil is Legrand’s comprehensive line of cable management products. Cablofil products outfit engineers with everything they need to construct a cable management system, such as Cablofil ladder cable trays, wire mesh cable trays, fasteners, prefab assemblies for brand circuit wiring, and accessories. Cablofil has all of your cable management system need’s covered.

About Cablofil

Optimize Contractor Efficiency With Powerful Tools

The Cablofil product line helps contractors transition effortlessly between jobs with their comprehensive productivity resources and solutions suite. Cablofil products and application expertise is easily accessible to help your business become more productive. Through accelerating project timelines, mitigating risk factors, dealing with labor skill problems, and improving the bottom line, Legrand solutions optimize overall costs for your business throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. 

Cablofil Solutions Make Branch Circuit Wiring Easier Than Ever

Branch circuit wiring doesn’t have to be a complicated, difficult task. With Cablofil Wall Box Mounting Components and Prefab Assemblies, you can effortlessly customize your project and save significant amounts of time and labor. Cablofil provides three options that cover a range of uses, from sub-assemblies to everyday components, supporting branch circuit wiring projects from beginning to end:

EZE-Fab Pre-Fab Assemblies: Cut your team’s installation time by half, and minimize time spent on the job site or in the prefab shop.

PlugTail Wiring Devices: PlugTail Wiring Devices can be installed 5x faster than standard wiring devices for easier electrical device upgrades, installation, and restorations.

FAS Power: Cablofil offers fully-engineered solutions custom-built to meet your exact specifications. Legrand Project Services collaborate with contractors through the entire project to help achieve the best results.

Electrical Fasteners: Cablofil electrical fasteners and components are constructed to maximize speed, getting you on and off the job site faster than ever.

Cablofil Cable Trays Solve Data Center Problems

In many ways, data centers are the core of modern life. Legrand provides the comprehensive network infrastructure to handle the ever-expanding demands of today’s data centers, offering a range of physical infrastructure, connectivity, power, cooling, and cable management solutions such as the Cablofil cable tray. Legrand system solutions handle next-generation technologies while leaving room for future growth and evolution in energy and installation efficiency. All solutions are united by Legrand’s superior design.

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Cablofil Products & Services

Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Tray Stands Up To Many Environments

The Cablofil wire mesh cable tray has an open system design that beats conduit performance any day of the week. Not only is the Cablofil wire mesh cable tray faster and easier to install than traditional cable management systems like conduit, but it also calls for far fewer parts- all that’s required is one person and a bolt cutter. Any necessary sweeps and bends can be performed instantly on the spot. 

cablofil cable tray

The Cablofil wire mesh cable tray features an open overhead system that is easy to install on the job site, tested to handle heavy loads, and is a more flexible choice than traditional conduit systems. This allows contractors to manage cables more efficiently every step of the way. The Wire Mesh Cable Tray is thoroughly tested to handle every stage of the installation process and can perform in a diverse array of applications: below floors in modern office buildings, above ceilings in data and electrical installations, and in heavy power cable pathways on oil drilling platforms. Pair Cablofil wire mesh cable trays with Cablofil splicing parts to easily create fittings onsite, integrating complete routing freedom with speedy installation.

Cablofil For Heavy Industrial Industrial Electrical Applications

Legrand’s safety-driven, high-performance Cablofil solutions work under the same unifying principle across all applications and markets. Cablofil products can handle difficult industrial conditions while being extremely easy to install and utilize. 

Cable Tray and Electrical Solutions Employed In Oil And Gas Facilities

Successful cable management and electrical systems need to provide highly stable load performance across a wide range of temperatures, highly effective corrosion resistance, and significant amounts of weight reduction. Cablofil cable tray and electrical systems offer optimal durability and protection in wet and caustic conditions such as petrochemical processing plants and oil platforms- and Legrand’s expert support team is here to help your organization with any knowledge and logistics you need, every step of the way. Cablofil solutions for industrial environments include:

Itray Ladder Tray: The Itray Ladder Tray features the highest load rating for a 6” tray in the industry, with an 100% aluminum construction that fights corrosion and harmful chemicals.

Cable Channel: For complicated installation support and pipeline systems, choose a durable open system with unique splice hardware and fewer parts.

Use The Cablofil Cable Channel In Industrial And Petrochemical Facilities

Your organization can reduce the number of necessary supports by 25% with a total cable management system boasting easy and quick snap-in hardware. Ladder trays typically need to navigate around pipelines and installation supports in industrial petrochemical facilities, and systems can get complicated fast. Using the Cablofil cable channel in conjunction with the ITray, you can construct a flexible, durable open system utilizing fewer parts. Cablofil unique splicing hardware snaps into place quickly, and the pre-drilled holes match with cables of any size. Less drilling and cutting means less time spent on the job site, making the whole system much easier to adjust, install, or move. 

Cablofil cable management

Cablofil Solutions Work For Food and Beverage Environments

Food and beverage environments put equipment under a lot of stress and expose them to corrosive chemicals. The Cablofil wire mesh cable tray is constructed from passivated stainless steel that fights contamination and corrosion. Since it’s an open system, the cable tray is easy to clean and doesn’t trap moisture. This is key in food and beverage environments that continually expose equipment to liquids. 

Cablofil Fasteners And Components For Everyday Applications

Legrand’s Cablofil line of electrical fasteners and prefab components work with cable trays and channels for maximum efficiency. Cablofil spring steel clamps, J-Hooks, prefab components, CabloPort rooftop supports, and seismic bracing components reduce labor costs and improve your organization’s bottom line. Every product is engineered for easy installation, and is made out of premium quality materials that last. Cablofil electrical components and fasteners are ideal for branch wiring in office complexes, hotels, hospitals, condominiums, and government buildings. 

Cablofil Fasteners

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