Chief: Premium brand of Legrand AV

Chief has provided proven product and service excellence for over 40 years. C&C Tech Group works with Chief to provide our clients with the best AV components for their businesses and data centers.


Who Is Chief?

Chief is a premium brand of Legrand AV that is committed to responding to the industry needs and offers complete lines of storage, mounts, and accessories for AV components, including TVs, monitors, projectors, and displays.

Chief is a widely recognized brand known for its quality products. The brand has received a number of awards for its patented designs that come standard with innovative features. Chief’s product category lines include:

  • Video wall mounts
  • Kiosks
  • Display, workstation, and projector mounts
  • Storage
  • Whiteboards mounts

Chief’s Featured Solutions

Chief solutions

Chief’s vast number of AV solutions include:

  • Connected Campus Solutions
  • K-12 Education Solutions
  • Worship Solutions
  • Work From Home Solutions
  • Digital Signage Solutions
  • Federal Government Solutions
  • State & Local Government Solutions
  • COVID-19 AV Solutions
  • Hybrid Workforce Solutions
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Huddle Spaces
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Entertainment Solutions
  • Hospitality Solutions
  • Workspace Solutions

Products & Services

Chief is a trusted security partner of C&C Technology Group. The company’s most popular solutions include:

Chief’s Impact Series: Kiosk Solutions

Chief of Legrand AV is answering the call for the industry’s need to house digital content for advertising, wayfinding, and self-service applications. The brand’s kiosk designs are attractive, flexible, and easily serviceable. Chief’s Impact on-wall and floor-mounted kiosks are now available.

Chief’s Impact kiosks can enhance your company’s interactive installations like:

Kiosk Solutions

Impact Floor Mounted Kiosks by Chief

Chief’s Impact floor-mounted kiosks aim to provide a more aesthetic solution for open area displays. Designed without any exposed fasteners, the kiosks still maintain full access for serviceability. Their exclusive design keeps the entire display mounted to its frame while opened. The series features keyed locking security to keep displays safe, and the kiosks come equipped with universal AV storage plates that hold supporting equipment.

Chief’s Impact displays also offer freestanding base options to accommodate easy moves and preserve floor finishes. They are tested and approved to UL 2442 standard, ensuring safety for both interactive use and servicing.

They feature:

Impact On-Wall Kiosks by Chief

Chief’s Impact on-wall kiosks offer one of the most flexible options for digital signage enclosures while maintaining a sleek aesthetic that complements any environment. These kiosks feature a depth-adjustable exterior frame that allows for a wide variety of displays. They come with reversible hinges that help avoid service and installation obstructions, and its design keeps the display mounted on the frame when opened to provide unparalleled maintenance and service access.

The Impact on-wall kiosks feature:

Kisok Impact wall

Chief’s Proximity In-Wall Storage Solutions

Chief’s engineers set out to eliminate the biggest headaches on construction sites and designed their Proximity in-wall storage boxes to solve those problems. The brand’s in-wall boxes come with multiple depths and ordering options.

Chief and Middle Atlantic partnered together to incorporate a patented Lever Lock technology into these new storage boxes. The result of this partnership was Chief’s enhanced storage solutions: Proximity in-wall storage boxes. They work seamlessly with Middle Atlantic’s Forward accessories to make installation and mounting easier and faster.

The Proximity in-wall storage boxes feature multi-sectioned, multi-level Lever Lock plates that make it easy to arrange components. The backplane allows installers to hide power bricks behind it and mount equipment in the front, which also helps work around AV equipment with difficult port locations.

Chief’s Proximity storage boxes are an ideal solution to standardize the deployment of AV component configurations across every rollout.

The Proximity in-wall boxes feature:

  • Break away edges that can change the box’s depth for 2.5” or 3.5” studs
  • Pre-configured, separate ordering options for flange, cover, and box to coincide with the field installation timing
  • Plenty of space to hold video scalers and other commonly used, large components
  • Easier knockouts so that each box can quickly get customized on site.
  • Lever Lock plates with universal hole mounting patterns
  • Covers that include breakaway knockouts for ventilation, cable routing, and tamper-proof security
  • Installable behind every Chief wall mount

Chief’s Fusion Pull Out Accessories

The Fusion Pull out accessory and Extra-Large Pull Out accessory from Chief are optimized for the easy servicing of large and extra-large displays. When paired with the company’s Fusion mounts, they offer display extensions that are perfect for recessed applications.

With Chief’s Fusion accessories, concealing AV accessories and components for functionality and aesthetics has never been easier. They are fully compatible with Chief’s Proximity boxes mentioned above for component storage and securing AV equipment behind your displays.

Other Chief Product Offerings

Chief offers numerous other products, including:

  • Video wall mounting systems
  • Various display and projector mounts
  • Workspace solutions that include mounts, power, and storage
  • Ceiling and wall storage and accessories
  • Power solutions and accessories
  • Speaker mounts and stands
  • Whiteboard mounts and accessories

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