Chief LSM1U | Fusion Micro-Adjustable Fixed Wall Display Mount Review

Chief MFG. LSM1U Micro Adjust Fixed Wall MNT Lg

Stability, faster installation, improved lateral shift, easier cable management, and greater security are among the new features of Chief's wall mounts.

  • Fast wall installation | Integrated Security
  • ControlZone Leveling for post-installation fine-tuning
  • Centerless Shift provides post-installation lateral shift
  • Nesting spacers can be stacked to achieve any depth

A wall-mounted TV can take your business to the next level. It can make a lobby look aesthetically pleasing to customers by hiding wires and adding space to a desk. You can display your logo, present a slideshow of photos of your business in action, and showcase your business hours of operation. You can even market upcoming events or new products and services. 

There are several wall mounts from which to choose. Today, we’re reviewing the Chief Fixed Wall Mount. 

The Chief LSM1U Fixed Wall Mount

If you’re thinking about installing a TV- or several- on your office walls, you want a mount that is reliable and won’t risk falling and causing damage. Modern TVs are quite light. The causes of faulty wall mounts can be from:  

  • Lack of proper installation
  • Cheap manufacturing
  • Going beyond the weight limit set by the manufacturer

The trick is finding a solid, reliable wall mount that is easy to install. Here is a summary of what the Chief Wall Mount can do:

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LSM1U Features

Here are some of the awesome features of the LSM1U Fusion Micro-Adjustable Wall Mount

  • ControlZone Leveling enables post-installation fine adjusting of height and leveling speeds up wall plate installation by permitting pre-installation of the bolts to the wall.
  • Centerless Shift allows for up to 17.4″ (441 mm) of lateral shift after installation for infinite centering.
  • Throughout the life of the installation, set screws maintain the mount stiff, sturdy, and secure.
  • When the screen safely interacts with the mount, ClickConnect emits an audible click.
  • Under the screen, a built-in cable stand allows for simple access.
  • The mount may be used with a variety of attachments, and the complete device can be adjusted together.
  • There are a variety of installation options for different stud distances.
  • To attain any depth, exclusive nesting spacers can be stacked.
  • Magnets are used to store and access pull cords with Quick-Store Cords
  • New end caps improve cable management.


The Chief Fixed Wall Mount is a large, non-adjustable wall mount 7.62 cms L x 46.99 cms W x 93.98 cms H. It comes in one color- black- and is sold individually. This wall mount can fit a TV between 37” to 63” and up to 200 lbs. 

By non-adjustable, we mean it cannot move. Some wall mounts offer a full-motion TV bracket or have a tilt or curve to the brackets that allow a TV to move at 45-degree angles. This is not the case for the Chief Wall Mount. 

It’s also lightweight, so there’s no need to worry about heavy lifting. The weight of this wall mount is 1.98 lbs which grants easy installation. 

Additionally, the price makes it affordable for any business at less than $215 per wall mount

Cheaper wall mounts exist. However, what we have found with the Chief Wall Mount is that it offers peace of mind when it comes to office space, especially with the durability of the steel. Let’s take a look at a couple of cons to determine if it’s right for you. 

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The biggest con with this TV wall mount is the price. As previously stated, cheaper wall mounts do exist. Smaller businesses may not be able to justify this cost if they need to purchase more than one. 

Another con would be the non-adjustable feature. You will not be able to tilt or turn a TV screen in any direction with this mount. The wall mount also does not rise and fall. 

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Fusion Micro-Adjustable Fixed Wall Display Mount Overall

It’s inevitable that at some point, you will decide to mount TVs on your office walls for different reasons. You may want to market a product or make your office clean and organized. Perhaps you want to improve communication between your office and clients or provide entertainment to your clients while they wait. 

In any case, you need a solid, reliable wall mount that you can trust. The Chief Fixed Wall Mount is a simple solution that can provide tons of benefits for any business. 

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