Chief PG2AW | Projector Security Cage Review

Chief PG2AW Mount Projector Guard Security Cage White

To prevent theft and recreational damage, the Chief PG2AW projector guard security cage totally encloses the projector mount with a secured steel cage.

  • Directly compatible with RPA & RPM, projector mounts
  • Attaches to 1 & 1.5 NPT diameter poles for use with RSM, & RSA projector mounts
  • Fully encloses projectors in a locked steel cage
  • Saves unnecessary costs and hassles caused by projector mount theft

The Chief PG2AW Mount Projector Guard is a top security solution. It fully encloses projector mounts in a locked steel cage. This projector guard protects against theft and regular damage from use.

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Chief PG2AW Mount Projector Guard Overview & Features

The White Chief PG2AW Mount Projector Guard Security Cage helps protect projectors and secure them from theft, no matter where you install it. This mount protector is suitable for projectors that are up to 7.5 x 16 x 16″ in size.

This product features:

  • An adjustable front opening that accommodates various lens positions. It works with pitch, yaw, and roll adjustments.
  • It has a hinged door for easy access.
  • This mount projector guard protects the projector and mitigates theft.
  • It fits any projector up to 7.5 x 16 x 16″.
  • It’s compatible with RPM and Chief mounts
  • It has a solid steel construction.
  • It has dimensions of 10.2 X 16.1 X 16.4”.
  • It’s max equipment size is 7.5 X 16.0 X 16.0”.

In addition to the security cage, you’ll need a mount that’s compatible with your projector (this product is only the white security cage). The PG2AW security cage is compatible with RPM and RPA series mounts from Chief. In turn, the projector mounts have threading for a standard 1.5” NPT pipe, and ceiling pipes that use the 1.5” NPT pipe include both the RSA and RSM series from Chief.

  • This security cage fully encloses your projector in a lockable steel cage, protecting it from theft and damage.
  • You can mount it using pre-existing installations and not worry about disturbing your projector settings.
  • It has an adjustable front opening that accommodates many lens positions.
  • Projector maintenance is easy with the easy access features.
  • Lock it in place with security screws.
  • You can also use additional security measures with this cage (like padlocks).
  • It’s open-air design helps promote better projector ventilation.
  • Attaches to 1.5” NPT diameter poles, making it possible to use the security cage with RSA and RSM projector mounts.
  • This cage saves on hassles and unnecessary costs due to projector mount theft.

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Chief PG2AW Mount Guard Projector Compatibility

The Chief PG2AQ Projector Guard is compatible with the following:

  • Chief KITAF
  • Chief KITMD
  • Chief KITES
  • Chief KITMS
  • Chief RPA-X Series
  • Chief RPA-O
  • Chief RPAC
  • Chief RPAB
  • Chief RPAA
  • Chief RPAX1 and RPAA1W
  • Chief RPAU
  • Chief RPM -X Series
  • Chief RPMA RPMAO
  • Chief RPMA-X Series
  • Chief RPMB-X Series
  • Chief RPMBU
  • Chief RPMC RPMCO
  • Chief RPMC-X Series
  • Chief RPMC-U
  • Chief RPMCO
  • Chief RSA-X Series
  • Chief RSMA-X Series
  • Chief RSMA-U
  • Chief RSMB-X Series
  • Chief RSMB-U
  • Chief RSMC-X Series
  • Chief RSMC-U
  • Chief RSMD-X Series
  • Chief RSMD-U
  • Chief SSB Series
  • Chief SSM Series
  • Chief VCM-X Series
  • Chief WM-X Series
  • FEC 8HI15
  • H. Wilson WCALCDM
  • H. Wilson WALCDM
  • H. Wilson WCFLCDM
  • Optoma Technology 5001U

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