Chief RPAU Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Review

Chief RPAU Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

Chief RPAU Ceiling Projector Mounts have the amazing features of the RPAO and extras! 2nd Generation Interface Technology allows increased security and projector access.

  • Convenient lamp and filter access on most projectors.
  • Integrated cable management
  • Multiple installation options
  • All-Points Security Systems

Are you thinking about purchasing the Chief RPAU Universal Projector Ceiling Mount? We’ll review why this is a good idea, and highlight its benefits, weaknesses, and usability. Overall, we would highly recommend the Chief RPAU Universal Projector Ceiling Mount for businesses and individuals that need quick installation without knowing their projector specs.

Main Features of the Chief RPAU Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

The Chief RPAU Universal Projector Ceiling Mount has several features making it ideal for quick installation of a wide variety of projectors:

  • High Quality: Chief is known for making quality products that allow for precise adjustment. This projector ceiling mount is no exception.
  • Universal Interface Bracket: The mount offers many mounting methods to accommodate about 95% of the inverted projectors currently on the market.
  • Fully Assembled: The ceiling mount comes completely assembled, so you can pull it from the box and mount it on the ceiling.
  • Proven Strength: Made from solid steel, this ceiling mount can support up to 50 lb projector systems.
  • Patented All-Points Security System: This system utilizes security hardware at all vital connection points with steel-to-steel construction.
  • 10-Year Warranty: Chief offers a 10-year warranty because they stand behind the quality of their products.

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Here are the benefits of using this ceiling mount:

  • Easy Installation: This ceiling mount is very intuitive, making it easy to install.
  • Flush Ceiling Mount: Unlike other projector mounts, the Chief Ceiling Mount can install flush without a mounting plate.
  • Well Built, Sturdy Design and Construction: The mount is made of solid steel and has an integrated cable management system. It also has a patented All-Points security system to minimize theft.
  • Low Maintenance: The mount properly ventilates the projector and makes it easy to replace filters or bulbs.  


While the product is superior in quality, there are a few drawbacks:

  • May Need Additional Parts: While the mount is excellent for most projectors, some projectors require a mounting plate and other hardware to secure it. This mount does not come with a mounting plate and other hardware that might be specific to your projector.
  • More Expensive Than Other Mounts: You’re definitely paying for the quality when there are less expensive projector ceiling mounts on the market, but you can’t beat Chief for its quality and reliability.

Why You Want the Chief RPAU Universal Projector Ceiling Mount On Hand

There are several practical applications for the Chief RPAU Universal Projector Ceiling Mount that makes it essential to any IT department, business, or installer. Because it can mount so many projectors, it makes it an easy solution to have on hand for quick installation when you don’t know the projector’s specifications.

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