Control Room Design Adaptability and Modularity

In 2020, adaptability became a crucial aspect in our daily routines, including work, education, and socialization. As we transition back to the workplace, it’s important to consider the new safety measures in the work environment. While these changes may be temporary, it’s essential to keep future vision in mind while adapting to current needs.

Critical facilities such as transportation, utilities, broadcast and media organizations, usually require a control room to operate effectively. These rooms are typically equipped with displays of key information for the operators, atmospheric lighting, and colorful buttons that are aesthetically pleasing.

However, the design also incorporates ergonomics, modularity, and adaptability to improve operator productivity.

Ergonomics in Control Room Design

Every component in the control room is designed to support operator productivity. The consoles can be easily adjusted to fit different ages and body types, ensuring operator comfort during rotations.

The height can be adjusted for sitting or standing, and monitors can be tilted for better visibility. Studies have shown that prolonged sitting reduces productivity, so TBC Consoles makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing positions.

Modularity in Control Room Design

In today’s fast-paced technology environment, control rooms should also be able to keep up. TBC Consoles designs their products to incorporate modularity, using standardized components that can accommodate both new and legacy solutions.

Upgrading or reconfiguring the control room is made easier as components can be added or adjusted instead of having to replace the entire system.

Adaptability in Control Room Design

Adaptable workspaces are not just a response to COVID-19 but a design philosophy. TBC Consoles provides a complete line of durable partitions to protect control room operators and adhere to social distancing requirements. These partitions are available in full height, countertop, or surround options and can be removed without leaving any marks or holes on the console surface.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s making specific modifications for safety or reconfiguring the control room for improved productivity, TBC Consoles can help meet current needs while considering future goals.

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Josh Mahan

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