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Da-Lite is Legrand’s line of high-resolution screens. C&C Technology group partners with Legrand and their brands to offer clients industry-leading products and services.

Da-Lite Products

Da-Lite is always striving to improve its product offerings. Check out these new Da-Lite solutions elevating the user and technician experience. 

Parallax Stratos 1.0 Added To Ambient Light Rejection Portfolio

Da-Lite’s new Parallax Stratos 1.0 promises a cost-efficient, high-value solution for eliminating ambient light in large-scale projections. Parallax Stratos comes in a diverse range of core Da-Lite tensioned fixed frame and electric options, allowing technicians to install seamless ALR screens up to 16 feet in height. The contrast-based ALR surface rejects up to 80% of any ambient light with a 1.0 gain for standard throw projectors (1.0: 1 or more). 

Through enhancing and maintaining brightness, contrast-based ALR stops projected images from looking washed out. The proprietary design elements in the surface integrate with the gray color to absorb ambient light for maximum clarity rather than reflect it. Da-Lite Parallax screens fight projection and environmental deficiencies to attain brighter, crisper images than before. 

Da-Lite Product Manager Rhen Taylor notes that the Parallax Stratos 1.0 expands their ALR product solutions to offer screens like Tensioned Large Advantage and Wireline. The new improvements provide a high-value ambient light rejection solution for convention halls, lecture halls, auditoriums, and other big venues that call for screens larger than the standard 120″ diagonal. Parallax Stratos 1.0, like most of

Da-Lite’s new product offerings, is covered by a comprehensive five-year warranty that protects your investment. All Da-Lite surfaces can utilize the Screen Green program to send in old surfaces to be recycled. The recycling program keeps old surfaces out of landfills and makes the planet a healthier place for the future. Da-Lite is proud to boast a 100% landfill-free facility.  

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Da-Lite Fast-Fold Deluxe Screen Optimized For Portability

Da-Lite recently debuted new and improved design features to their Fast-Fold Deluxe Screen System for easy portability in staging and rental applications. A brand-new leg-to-frame locking mechanism promotes intuitive and efficient tear-down and set-up, making installation and troubleshooting easy for all user skill levels. All parts of the portable design are self-contained on the screen frame, providing additional toolless convenience integral to the portable screen market (and exemplifying why Da-Lite is an industry leader).

The Fast-Fold Deluxe screen is now newly available with HD Rental, an optically enhanced foldable screen surface explicitly designed for high-resolution projectors. Radiofrequency (or RF) welding technology is utilized in binding the surface of the screen to offer better aesthetics and durability. The improved durability and aesthetics created by the welding process make the transition from border to viewing area almost invisible.

Da-Lite Associate Product Manager Megan Shafer states that the goal of the new design is to make tear-down and set-up as efficient and straightforward as possible for Fast-Fold Deluxe buyers. The firm wishes to make installation a hassle-free experience for all skill levels, particularly for those who don’t often use portable screens. New design features are incorporated that maintain Da-Lite’s famous durability while making the process more intuitive without necessitating extra parts and tools. 

Like most of Da-Lite’s product offerings, the Fast-Fold Deluxe Screen System and HD Rental surface are covered by the brand’s updated comprehensive five-year warranty. All Da-Lite surfaces can participate in the Screen Green program that encourages customers to send in old surfaces for recycling, keeping used screens out of landfills, and promoting a greener, cleaner Earth. 

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New Electric Screen That Enhances Service Speed

Although made-to-order and custom products are the foundation of the Da-Lite product line, there are situations where customers need a screen immediately. Da-Lite is happy to announce that the new DescenderPro is the first Da-Lite product ready for same-day shipping. The ceiling-recessed electric screen will come in 16:9 and 16:10 formats in sizes ranging from 106″-164″ and four surface options. Surface options include the HD Progressive 1.1, HD Progressive 0.9, Matte White, and Da-Mat.

The black drop for tensioned screens will be 12″ visible and preset, and the black drop for the non-tensioned screens will be 2″ visible and preset with a total 12″ built into the housing. Silent motor, internal junction box, and low-voltage control (LVC) are all standard-issue, making installation easy.

Wendy Cox, Da-Lite’s Director of Product Management, states that the company is excited to give customers another option in their ceiling-recessed electric screen portfolio. The Descender Pro offers a silent motor and standard low-voltage control and other upgraded features. While the DescenderPro’s sliding brackets are more limited compared to the firm’s Advantage line, they still give technicians a bit of flexibility when installing into a ceiling. 

You can order the DescenderPro for same-day shipping starting November 13. Da-Lite’s comprehensive 5-year Warranty program covers the new launch. 

Da-Lite’s New 5-Year Warranty Program

Da-Lite is proud to announce the extension of their five-year comprehensive warranty coverage to all of their premium-quality, top-selling screen products as part of their commitment to continual quality improvement and superb after-sales support. All warranties come into effect on the date the product is invoiced. Below we list new product additions to the 5-year warranty:

  • Ascender
  • Arena
  • Cinema Contour
  • Boardroom
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Da-Lift
  • Curved Multi Format Imager
  • Da-Snap
  • Designer Contour
  • Dual Format Imager
  • Imager
  • Full Vision
  • Integrated Interactive System (AN3WA 100)
  • Large Cosmopolitan
  • Lace & Grommet Surfaces
  • Motorized Scenic Roller
  • Large Cosmopolitan
  • Multi-Format Imager
  • Parallax Thin
  • Parallax
  • Perm-Wall
  • Rigid Rear Projection
  • Professional
  • Slimline
  • Series 200 & 300 Lace & Grommet Frames
  • Studio
  • Tensioned Cosmopolitan
  • Tensioned Conference
  • Tensioned Professional
  • Tensioned Large Cosmopolitan
  • UTB Contour
  • Wireline Advantage

While this isn’t a comprehensive list, five-year warranty coverage stays the same on the following portable, fixed-frame, and electric screen products:

  • Advantage
  • Advantage Deluxe
  • Contour
  • Fast-Fold NXT
  • IDEA Panoramic
  • IDEA Screen
  • Large Advantage
  • Large Advantage Deluxe
  • Tensioned Advantage
  • Tensioned Advantage Deluxe
  • Tensioned Contour
  • Tensioned Large Advantage
  • Tensioned Large Advantage Deluxe
  • ViewShare Advantage
  • ViewShare Tensioned Advantage

One of Da-Lite’s major goals is to help their customers future-proof projects, and that means offering 16K-ready HD Ambient and Progressive Light Rejecting surfaces. Da-Lite Senior Product Marketing Manager Melissa Rone notes that Da-Lite strives for their customers’ total peace of mind and confidence in every screen they purchase from the firm. One of the Legrand brand’s biggest commitments is to remain industry leaders of product quality in screen technology. 

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