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For any tech giant or company that houses a data center, it’s essential to ensure they remain efficient as they continue to collect data from various avenues. However, even with most companies’ technological solutions, it can still be challenging to streamline processes.

So how have companies tackled efficiency problems in their data centers? Most now use data center infrastructure management software to improve their IT infrastructure. Are you interested in learning how your business can benefit from using DCIM? If so, read on to learn more.

What is Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software?

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software helps operators monitor and manage their data center functions while also improving processes through efficient planning and design. However, it’s not only applicable to your IT equipment like servers but also computer room air conditioners and PDUs.

An in-depth report from your software gives operators a look at their device’s power and cooling status. It helps prevent any problems by planning for the future and deciding when equipment should get replaced.

Before the introduction of DCIM software for technological processes, businesses settled for using building management system software (BMS) or IT service management software (ITSM)

BMS was primarily used for monitoring and maintaining the heating and cooling systems of buildings, while ITSM focused on the lifecycles of all IT equipment and their processes.

However, DCIM bridges the gap and connects these two management systems with a seamless transfer of information across the board.

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What are the Components of DCIM?

A structured data center is an essential part of any business’s success, which is why DCIM has been so helpful. As we mentioned before, DCIM solutions use various components to help increase the efficiency of your IT infrastructure. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these functions below.

Physical Architecture

The design of any data center is based on a few factors such:

  • The equipment’s dimensions
  • Airflow 
  • Cooling
  • Human access
  • Other environmental factors

With the help of DCIM, you’ll be able to visualize and simulate how server racks will look in your data center. That way, you can see if the current space will be physically capable of handling the equipment.

Rack Design

The rack design is an integral part of data center planning. Data center operators must know specifics regarding standardized cabinets such as capacity, space, and maintenance access to plan efficiently. DCIM software helps optimize the placement of your server racks and cabinets, depending on the compatibility of the factors listed above.

Change Management

Like most technological functions, data centers need their hardware replaced for three reasons:

  1. The software needs an upgrade
  2. There’s a malfunction with the equipment
  3. The software’s lifecycle is vastly limited

When the hardware is changed, it can disrupt the performance of the other integrated processes. However, using DCIM software allows a structured approach to managing the hardware changes by detailing predefined workflows.

Capacity Planning

Businesses are ever-changing, which means their data centers need to be scaled to fit their needs once processes change. So as you’re planning your data center, ensure to factor in:

  • The weight of the racks and equipment
  • Power supply
  • Space limitations
  • Cooling performance
  • Other physical limitations

It can be challenging to plan for these situations when you don’t have a clear timetable for when they may occur. However, you can plan for future capacity problems by creating various scenarios with the help of DCIM software.

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Data Analysis

One of the most critical features of DCIM software is its real-time data analysis. With it, you can track:

  • Transfer data between DCIM and APIs
  • Use AI solutions to analyze advanced data
  • Asset metrics

Real-time performance analysis provides a more efficient way to plan for future incidents like power failure and security infringements.

Software Integration

DCIM software doesn’t need to be the only technological solution to your data center problems. More businesses are switching to DCIM today because it allows integration with other software solutions you may use.

For example, DCIM and BMS are two software that is commonly integrated. Why? That’s because DCIM provides the data on processes while BMS takes the data and puts it to good use. It helps create more efficient data center planning and limits manual monitoring procedures.

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Why is Data Center Optimization so Important?

Many businesses and government agencies use data centers to house all information relevant to their actions. So not only would it be company-related data, but also customer information like credit card numbers or addresses. 

That’s why businesses must optimize data center processes. Any system downtime can lead to security breaches and a substantial loss of money.

It’s also another reason why the US government introduced the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI). The goal is to optimize the performance of data centers to deliver better services since some businesses may have ties to US government organizations.

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Using DCIM Software Will Enhance Your IT Capabilities

As you can see, using DCIM software can significantly benefit your business. You’ll be able to efficiently plan out your data center’s infrastructure while also receiving in-depth analysis regarding all processes involved.

It’s the next step your company needs to take. By prioritizing data center optimization, you’ll be able to remain on top of your competitors. Take the leap and bring your business into the future. You won’t regret it.

Are you ready to start building an efficient data center to house your company’s data? If so, contact C&C Technology Group today!

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