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Digital Building Company

Digital Building Company

Digital Building Company

As a New Jersey digital building company, C&C Technology Group knows that digital buildings are the way of the future; they are expected to save money in more ways than one might expect. Not only do digital buildings drastically minimize operating and energy costs, but they also provide a multitude of other benefits when implemented. These benefits offer tenants an advanced, intelligent work environment while increasing the building owner’s investment returns. 

Some advantages of a digital building (also called smart buildings) include:

  • Comfort: A digital building company can create a building that is able to adapt to the way people live. Based on learning their occupants’ schedules, smart buildings can control the heating, air conditioning, lighting, and ventilation to maximize comfort. 
  • Security: Digital buildings can help ensure people feel safe in their workplace. For example, if a fire alarm goes off, a smart building would be able to detect there is smoke and alert the occupants to leave the building. It would then be able to contact authorities and attempt to contain the fire to avoid the risk of spreading. Another example of security provided by a digital building company would be a security system implemented throughout the building. Smart buildings could have cameras that stream real-time footage to a laptop to allow for occupants to feel more secure.
  • Tenant Retention: If a building owner wants to keep their tenants, they will need to keep their tenants comfortable. Smart buildings could allow for unique perks for occupants, which would keep tenants in their building for a more extended time period. 
  • Productivity: One feature offered by a digital building company is a smart building that is designed to monitor themselves to detect any problems in their facilities. In addition to being able to self-diagnose why an elevator broke down and send an alert for someone to fix it, smart buildings are also able to monitor the performance of systems to maximize energy savings. By automating these processes, there could be decreased complaints regarding inefficient facilities, and it would reduce the time that would typically be spent addressing future problems. 
  • Connectivity: A digital building company knows that today’s businesses rely heavily on the internet as it allows for production and revenue. Smart buildings can have voice over internet protocol services and high-speed internet. Having an increase in speed could allow for an increase in the company’s production and revenue. 
  • Green Building: Smart buildings are designed to reduce the amount of energy it uses drastically. Having the ability to adjust power consumption only to use it when it is needed, as well as the possibilities of installing reusable energy, reduces the need to burn fossil fuels. 

The first reason a building owner starts to consider creating a smart building with a digital building company is the amount of energy and money they will be saving. Digital buildings can use less energy than buildings that feature no automated processes. They can use intelligent, accurate monitoring, which allows for the reduction of operation costs. By creating a smart building, the building owner could save significant amounts of money over time. 

Call a Digital Building Company Today

If you are considering changing your building into a smart building, contact C&C Technology Group. Our digital building company has over 30 years of experience working with the latest technologies to increase savings and promote productivity. Creating a smart building that works best for your building takes expertise, and C&C Technology Group will work to find solutions for your building. 

Why More Business Owners Want Smart Building Real Estate Property

Picture this; you are walking into your office space and settle into your workstation. The desk adjusts to you based on your sitting position, and the light fixtures change based on your preferences. Later on in the day, you have a meeting in which the equipment is already prepped with everything you may need. Our digital building company knows that business owners often want this kind of workspace for themselves and employees too, which is why more and more are preferring to occupy real estate with smart technology and software. 

Many people have probably heard the term “smart building” used before. While in concept, it is reasonably understood, it can be difficult to picture exactly what this looks like in your day-to-day workflow. Here our digital building company discusses more in-depth about what a smart office looks like and how this can improve building operations. 

What It Means to Be a Smart Building 

Smart building property uses sensors and automation to control operations. These sensors can control various aspects of the property, including lighting, energy usage, heating, and cooling. Common elements of a smart building that can significantly reduce operating costs include things like:

  • Personalized digital signage 
  • Conference room scheduling in real-time
  • Wayfinding to assist employees and visitors with finding specific departments, meeting rooms, and office spaces
  • HVAC (based on occupancy, weather, and season)
  • Assessment of air quality and rapid adjustments
  • Lighting control to match appropriately with tasks and circadian rhythms

How Smart Buildings Help Conserve Energy

Our digital building company shares that studies suggest that commercial real estate buildings can waste up to 30% of the energy it consumes. With all this energy going to waste, it can have a negative impact on the environment, in addition to increasing operating costs. As a society, we have started to expect more of ourselves and others when it comes to environmental stewardship. Here are ways that smart buildings developed by our digital building company can help conserve energy:

  • Adjusting cooling, heating, and lighting in real-time
  • Changing temperature based on weather and occupancy
  • Turning off lights when a room is unoccupied for a period of time
  • Smart systems connect to smart grids, allowing building owners to benefit from demand response programs if they reduce usage during peak times

Another element our digital building company wants you to consider is that since we are a time of increased environmental awareness, those who are trying to rent or sell real estate that does not have smart technology capabilities may have a harder time finding a buyer or tenant. This can result in wasted money and time if the building struggles with finding occupants. C&C Technology Group is a digital building company that has seen many business owners become more willing to pay for smart technology. This is because they know that in the long run it can save them time, money, energy, and also keep the working space much more comfortable. 

Improved Employee Experience

Certain areas of the office may be colder than others, and employees may forget to turn off lights at night (which then provokes anxiety because they know it costs their employer more money in electricity). Lighting and temperature, if not at the right setting, can have a negative impact on employee experience. 

For more information about how C&C Technology Group, a digital building company, can serve New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia business owners considering this form of technology, call our offices today. 

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