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Digital Building Contractor

Digital Building Contractor

C&C Technology Group, a digital building contractor shares that in today’s workplace market, many potential renters in New Jersey and beyond are using the actual building as one of their considerations. If a candidate had the option to work in a building with a rock climbing wall next to a wall of windows or an old building with very few windows and dim lighting, there is a high probability the candidate would lean more towards the first option. Similarly, when a tenant is looking to rent a building from a landlord, they are going to be looking at new technologies that will have a benefit for their business. 

While it may not include a rock climbing wall, many landlords are looking to work with a digital building contractor to create smart buildings that will positively affect any future tenants. By creating a smart building, tenants and landlords can lower their costs, save time, and provide a sense of ease and comfort to employees. The digital building contractor company, C&C Technology Group, has more than three decades working with individual landlords and companies to find the technologies that will work best for their business.

Here are three critical web-enabled smart building features that could greatly impact the office environment:

  1. Managed Electricity Reductions

Many utilities offer incentives that are designed to monitor and ensure system reliability. This keeps the electricity consumption within sustainable levels during the hottest and coldest months. As a digital building contractor can explain, by having a smart building, landlords can use the systems to schedule the reductions of electricity usage. The building will also have the capability to be able to certify that the reductions have occurred. For many power companies, they will offer an incentive if landlords participate in reducing their electricity consumption. These incentives save landlords money, which could potentially be passed along to the tenant in the form of a lower electricity bill. 

      2. Automated HVAC Systems

A digital building contractor knows that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can be optimized by using advanced software to control pump speeds, fan speeds, and water flows while keeping a set temperature. In most buildings, manually cooling and heating individual offices use more than one-third of a building’s water usage. Having an automated HVAC system, it can automatically calculate the best ways to cool, heat, or ventilate depending on the time of day. This would be able to drastically reduce the amount of water used on a daily basis. 

       3. Building Security

Another incentive for tenants to occupy a smart building customized by a digital building contractor, is not having to pay for a security guard to sit at the front desk at all hours of the day. Some smart buildings are equipped with a barcode reader at the front entrance. Visitors can receive a barcode in an email from the employee and use that to gain entry. Our digital building contractor shares that there are also security providers that can offer wireless intrusion detection systems, including motion sensors and mobile transmitters, which allow for the protection of the office. 

Many smart building features are incredibly interconnected and sophisticated. However, they often require additional infrastructure to make for the best user experience. Once the technology is in place, a smart building will more than likely be off the market very quickly. If you are looking to take your workplace to the next level, contact a digital building contractor from C&C Technology Group today for a consultation to find the technologies that will enhance your building.

Smart Living Technology in Commercial Buildings

You may be surprised to learn about the incredible innovations in smart living technology. A tenant or building manager can have the products they require for operations or comfortable living installed by a digital building contractor. They will then have the ability to adjust the light and temperature and see who is at the door—all with the sound of his or her voice or the touch of a finger.

About Smart Living Technology

Smart living technologies like thermostats, speakers, doorbells, and security cameras have been popular with homeowners for years, and are slowly catching on in commercial buildings, as well. Intelligent building technologies are making their way into commercial and institutional buildings, making them customizable and super convenient. 

With the help of a digital building contractor at C&C Technology Group, building owners are putting trendy smart living amenities to work daily. Tech features targeted at and customized to individual occupants are becoming an enduring fixture of everyday life. Cloud-based voice services installed by a digital building contractor can read a tenant any headlines and news updates to which they subscribe. Smart HVAC is tough enough for consumer or commercial use. It monitors the temperature in the living or working space and scales the operation of the unit up or down accordingly. 

Hotel rooms are adopting individual controls, too, incorporating smart technology and cloud-based voice services into individual rooms for the comfort and convenience of their guests. A guest can order room service or schedule a wake-up call by merely issuing commands to the technology in the room. 

From smart lighting to smart HVAC to audiovisual tech controlled via an app to an intelligent garage that fetches your car on demand. Our digital building contractors can help you make a significant difference in people’s work and home lives with technology.

Three Components of Smart Building Controls

Smart buildings rely on networked devices that communicate with one another. Smart building networks have these three components.

1. Connected devices

Our digital building contractors will tell you that control panels and individual sensors are at the heart of smart building systems. Connected devices may include air quality sensors, smart thermostats, smart electrical meters, occupancy sensors, and anything else that collects data.

2. Edge controllers

These networked devices are connected by a digital building contractor to the individual controls and sensors. They collect information from each connected device and sort it into a more useful, efficient package of data that is then passed to the cloud. This is significant, as the sheer volume of data coming from thousands of individual smart light bulbs and thermostats would be costly to upload and store.

3. Cloud storage and analytics

Data collated from the edge controllers is then uploaded to the cloud, where apps and other analytics software can quickly and conveniently access it.

If you want to find out more about how to advocate for adopting a smart building platform in your building or organization, our dedicated digital building contractors offer infrastructure solutions that can help. You are well-advised to contact C&C Technology Group at the outset of your project. Incorporating smart building trends into your space may save money, time, and headaches, so don’t delay. Intelligent building technology IS the future of modern infrastructure systems. Many in the healthcare, legal, transportation, education, or government industries are already on board with these technologies. Be sure you get these cutting-edge solutions for yourself with our digital building contractors at C&C Technology Group.

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