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Digital Building Vendor

Digital Building Vendor

Digital Building Vendor

In the last decade or so, smart devices have become common in American households. Smart devices offer huge advantages to consumers and make modern life more comfortable and energy-efficient, saving money. For example, a common smart household device is a computer attached to a home’s thermostat. As a New Jersey digital building vendor can explain, the computer can set a schedule for heating and cooling, can learn patterns of behavior and predict what temperature homeowners will need at certain times of the day, and can also allow homeowners to adjust the temperature from outside the home. Smart household devices extend far beyond thermostats and can be used for anything from turning on the lights and preheating your oven before you get home from work to even letting you know when you are out of eggs. The possibilities are endless and are growing more sophisticated every day.

But why should smart technology be limited to use in private homes? The same technology that makes people’s lives easier every day in their home can also be integrated into larger, commercial buildings, making them more efficient, more attractive to tenants, and excellent long term investments. C&C Technology Group has over 30 years of experience designing and constructing smart buildings, as well as transforming existing buildings into smart buildings. Each digital building vendor from our company understands cutting edge technology and know-how to make it work for you. 

What is a smart building?

A smart building is one that, from its design up, takes advantage of smart devices to control most if not all major systems within the building such as: ventilation, heating, cooling, water, lighting, and security. Smart buildings rely on modern technology to create an energy-efficient and streamlined approach to managing buildings amenities. Each digital building vendor at our firm has also converted numerous existing structures into smart buildings. These buildings are beautiful as well as functional, and are a glimpse into the future.

Why are smart buildings a good idea?

Building a smart building from the outset, or adding smart technology to an existing building can make a huge positive difference for building owner. First, and perhaps most obvious, are the energy and therefore cost, savings that building owners can achieve with smart technology. Much like thermostat technology in private homes, larger smart buildings use systems to regulate temperature and optimize the performance of heating and cooling mechanisms within the building. 

Second, smart technology in a building can reduce the number of employees required to be onsite to manage a property. Managing systems remotely can create efficiency in building management and can allow onsite employees to focus on other tasks. Third, smart buildings are more sustainable, and can attract tenants with an eye toward reducing construction’s impact on the environment. 

Smart buildings truly are the future of construction. C&C Technology Group can get you started today either designing and constructing your own smart building from the ground up, or retrofitting your existing building to incorporate smart systems and meet new modern technology specifications. Call our office today to set up an initial consultation with a digital building vendor to discuss your building needs. 

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