5 Digital Signage Challenges and Solutions

Digital content has evolved beyond just being a promotional tool. However, the task of producing, arranging, publishing, and maintaining relevant content can be challenging.

Common issues faced in digital signage

Here are some common issues faced in digital signage and ways to address them:

Stale or infrequently updated

One solution to this is to schedule content ahead of time so that there’s always a backlog in case a contributor is unavailable to update. Another option is to incorporate dynamic or automated content from sources such as social media, infotainment, or collaboration platforms like MS Teams or Webex. Regularly updated content like work anniversaries or upcoming events can also help keep content fresh.

Repeated, irrelevant, or excessive

To ensure that content is displayed appropriately, consider creating a content hierarchy or workflow that reflects the relevance of the content to different target audiences and locations. Content tagging can also limit content to designated devices. For example, only devices tagged with “Connecticut” will receive content labeled as such.

Unprofessional looking

To maintain credibility and keep the audience’s attention, utilize the built-in platform templates to design content that looks professional on all screens.

Overwhelmed by content contributors

Set clear permissions and user groups within the digital signage platform, so contributors only have access to what’s necessary for their role. Consider having administrators approve all content before it’s published and limit styling options for contributors. Utilizing collaboration platforms like Webex or MS Teams, or a company intranet, can also help distribute content and ease the workload for the entire team.

Difficulty reaching all audiences

Expand your reach by using collaboration platforms or company intranets to share signage messages beyond physical displays. Integrating technology and digital signage content is also a great way to reach a wider audience.

How to Solve Digital Signage Challenges

To avoid these challenges, plan ahead by organizing content and contributors, creating templates, and keeping the above points in mind. A well-planned digital signage deployment can ensure smooth and effective content delivery.

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Josh Mahan

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