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EMKA is a German manufacturer that is a world leader in locking systems, sealing, and hinges used for cabinets and control cabinets for electrical engineering, air conditioning systems, and electronics. With over 15,000 products, EMKA develops, manufactures, and assembles parts in ten production sites located across Europe and Asia. 

Know for superior quality and service, EMKA makes reliable products that continue to perform year after year. Whether you need a few components or an entire system, EMKA will help you improve the quality of the system.

EMKA Manufactures

  • Locks & Latches: The locks and latches category offers quarter turn, compression, special sector locks, and latches. They also make other custom locks, latches, and accessories.
  • Locking Systems: These locking systems include swing handles, lift handles, escutcheon, electromechanical, high load, and various locking system accessories. 
  • Hinges: The hinges come in a wide variety of materials, surfaces, and applications. These hinges are primarily for industrial control cabinet and enclosure construction.
  • Sealing Profiles and Edge Protection Products: These sealing and edge protection products come in several varieties such as clip-on, insertable, clamping, holding, and special sector profiles.
  • An Assortment of Accessories: These accessories include keys, handles, cable management, cover supports, connectors, panel mounting, escutcheons, drawing pockets, aluminum windows, and door stops.

About EMKA Indsutires

EMKA caters to a wide variety of industrial sectors that require customized locking solutions. EMKA has a wide variety of products and solutions designed for each industry and can be integrated with other products to meet each industry’s requirements. They are a global industry leader in:

  • Switch and Control Cabinets: The need for electro-mechanical cabinets is in high demand in the industrial and construction industries.
  • Mechanical Engineering: EMKA’s customizable cabinets can meet the needs of various mechanical engineering requirements.
  • Data Centers and Server Racks: EMKA’s intelligent locking solutions provide high physical security and access management for data centers and server racks.
  • Outdoor Telecommunications: Secure, multifunctional enclosures are critical to outdoor infrastructure and require a weather-resistant, secure locking system for continuous performance.
  • Railroad: EMKA offers complete systems for railroad closures, hinges, sealing, and accessories that meet railroad requirements.
  • Commercial Vehicles: EMKA produces a variety of secure lock and hardware components to create a single source locking solution for vehicles.
  • Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems (HVACR): One of EMKA’s leading sectors, HVACR needs secure closures, hinges, and handles for optimal performance.
  • Food Sector: EMKA has flaps, cabinets, and closures that meet food industry standards for cleanliness.
  • Medical Technology: EMKA offers several products and solutions that can provide a sterile and hygienic environment that adheres to strict industry requirements.

EMKA Inc Awards and Certifications

Over the years, EMKA has earned and received a variety of awards and certifications. Their commitment to standardization and compliance makes them an excellent partner for creating secure IT solutions. EMKA is certified in several categories, including:

  • Management systems
  • Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 
  • Quality management
  • eCam Safety
  • Sealing systems

EMKA has also won several awards for outstanding quality. Most notably is the Welt Markt Fuhrer Champion 2021 from WirtschaftsWoche. EMKA is committed to manufacturing quality parts.

Founded in 1932

EMKA was founded in 1932 in Velbert, Germany, by Emil Krachten Jr. EMKA originally manufactured ironware and bicycle accessories. Over the years, EMKA has acquired several European manufacturing companies to grow their business and expand its production facilities across Europe and Asia.

While the company is headquartered in Germany, EMKA has several subsidiaries around the world:

  • Spain
  • India
  • Poland
  • France
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Sweden
  • Ukraine
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Austria
  • Romania
  • Croatia
  • China
  • Netherlands 
  • Pennsylvania, US
  • Switzerland

EMKA is a Trusted Source for Quality Products

C&C Technology Group partners with EMKA to ensure high-quality service and solutions for your enterprise’s technology needs, such as:

  • Data Center Infrastructure Planning
  • Structured Cabling Design Advisory
  • Fiber Optic Cabling POC
  • Smart Building Technology

C&C Technology Group only partners with high-quality manufacturers and services.

EMKA Products & Services

EMKA has developed several products and technologies that increase the value of their products. Most notably are:

Electro-Mechanical Locking

EMKA enables their switch and control cabinets with electronic closure capabilities. By using electronic locking, the switch and cabinets now offer high security, allowing consumers to control who has access to entry.

Electro-Mechanical Locking

Multi-Point Locking Systems

By manufacturing the hinges and gaskets, EMKA can create multi-point locking systems that provide superior quality and security for control cabinets. For connectivity solutions, these EMKA multi-point locking systems empower and support your IT infrastructure, putting your IT department in control while providing high levels of security.

The EMKA cabinets can be customized to your IT special requirement to provide added security and control regarding IP protection and UL ratings. Over 15,000 EMKA products have American UL certification.

Multi-Point Locking Systems

Modular Component Customization

EMKA’s switch and control cabinets allow modular customization to meet any customer requirement. By manufacturing many of the locking mechanisms within the cabinets, EMKA will enable customers to upgrade their components depending on their security needs.

EMKA is a global supplier and can adjust its cabinets to meet the needs of your specific country. Country hinge requirements can vary from flat bar to round bar, depending on where your facility is located.

By having modular cabinet components, you can install the same cabinets around the world that can be fitted for optimal performance regardless of their location.

Modular Component Customization

Data Center Security

Tight security for server racks is critical in today’s environment. And physical security of your data centers is just as essential as cybersecurity. EMKA products boost your physical security utilizing:

  • Electro-mechanical handles
  • Electro-mechnaical locking system
  • Personalized cabinet access
  • Rack access management software

EMKA products offer enhanced security solutions for data centers and server parks. If your data center needs to increase its physical security, you should contact C & C Technology Group to customize a solution that leverages EMKA products.

Data Center Security

We Partner with EMKA Inc.

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