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Fiber Mountain: Intelligence With Sensor & Software

Fiber Mountain is a superior provider of integrated hardware and software innovations dedicated to transforming the network infrastructure of data centers to promote outstanding performance and efficiency. 

The company’s specialized Glass Core approach to technological innovations provides user networks with enhanced intelligence. It adds new levels of simplified control via the integration of high-density fiber-optic connections to allow for seamless, optimized management over critical systems. 

About Fiber Mountain

Founded nearly a decade ago in 2013, Fiber Mountain is a privately held company that has developed into a highly reputable provider within the Computer Networking Products industry. They currently generate approximately $3.6 million in annual revenue and employ between 51-200 skilled employees.

Several notable companies have recognized Fiber Mountain’s specialized products and services, including Forbes, Transforming Network Infrastructure, and TechTarget. 

Fiber Mountain has received several notable awards in recent years for their exemplary service and their development of innovative new systems. They’re dedicated to helping data centers expand their ability to maintain, track, and whip the physical layer of their networks into shape.

The company’s most recent award was presented for their specialized Sensus solution, which received first place for Connectors & Connectorization in the 2018 BICSI Winter. The company’s CrossCage Plus solution also received a wide range of awards in 2016, including the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award, the SDN Excellence Award, and the Best Service Provider award in the ITEXPO Fort Lauderdale Best of Show. 

Fiber Mountain Works For

The wide array of specialized services and products provided by Fiber Mountain is specifically designed to benefit data center operations by promoting fast, effective, transparent, and easily controlled data and enhancing the intelligence of the physical layer. Their expertise allows for better data center management. 

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Fiber mountain fiber cables

Fiber Mountain’s Top Services and Products

The experts at Fiber Mountain offer a wide range of quality products and solutions that are specially designed to combine physical layer intelligence with software orchestration and high-density fiber optics. These tools enable businesses to achieve more dynamic, secure, and efficiently managed physical networks.

When utilized together, Fiber Mountain’s services can allow companies and businesses to develop an intricately connected technological system that allows for optimized security, higher uptime, and more comprehensive control over operational costs within the physical network layer. More specifically;

The company incorporates Intelligent Connection Identification (ICID) technology that allows fiber optics to communicate directly with a centralized orchestration browser. Their AllPath Director (APD) offers centralized SDN control over the physical layer of systems and packet flow from a single screen. At the same time, Optical Path Exchange (OPX) procedures allow for software configurable physical connectivity. Finally, Programmable Light Path (PLP) connections enable the dynamic reconfiguration of system paths within the Glass Core, enabling innovations that make Connectivity Virtualization both possible and easy, including;

  • Automated documentation
  • Automation for testing and labs
  • Datacenter colocation
  • Automation for dynamic networks
  • Security and monitoring with Universal TAP
  • Connectivity guiding tools
  • Enhanced data center visibility
  • Intuitive UI
  • Easier device tracking
  • End-to-end performance testing
  • Optimized system transparency

Alongside the above services, some of Fiber Mountain’s most popular products include;

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High-Density Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Mountain is proud to provide its consumers with a wide selection of super premium fiber optic cables designed to facilitate all the configurations needed to run their various hardware and software applications. Their primary cable options include their single-mode 12-fiber cable, the multimode 24-fiber cable, and their single-mode duplex LC cable. All of their pre-terminated, multi-fiber cables are suitable to meet all possible data center cabling needs and can handle the high-speed demands of 10Gbps, 25Gbps, 40Gbps, or 100Gbps applications.

All of their single and multimode cables are available with either A, B, or C polarity. To comply with any environmental requirements, they include a range of UL-rated cable jacket options- including Riser, Plenum, and LSZH. Additionally, Fiber Mountain’s cables are ICID-enabled with NFC capability to help ensure they can meet all cabling demands within a data center while providing consistent and efficient data transmission.

J-Series Breakout Panels

Fiber Mountain’s specially designed J-Series Breakout Panels and cassettes allow for developing dynamic network layouts in 1RU space. They’re modular and permit users to combine multiple breakout and mapping options into the same frame. All of the J-Series cassettes are interchangeable so that data centers can use all eight at once or any other amount within the eight available slots. The cassettes are easy to install or remove from their modular panel to allow for low-maintenance steups. Depending on your data center’s unique needs and procedures, the J-Series cassettes are also available in MPO-8 configurations with several fiber mapping options. 

It’s highly recommended that J-Series patch panels be deployed with Fiber Mountain’s AllPath Director (APD) orchestration software. Doing so provides an intuitive and effective way to manage the panels while providing optimal network-wide visibility and automatic documentation of physical layer performance.

Fiber mountain sensus patch panel

SENSUS Premium Fiber Patch Panel

Fiber Mountain’s SENSUS Patch Panel is 100% passive and possesses active intelligence software, along with innovative hardware to help transform the effectiveness and transparency of data center network infrastructure. The system uses intelligent panels to aggregate and break out fiber connectivity from several trunk sources, including high-density MPO trunks, Duplex LCs, and MPO trunks. The panel is ideal for terminating data hall fiber runs, row-to-row, or top-of-rack connectivity, along with QSFP breakout for switches. 

Every SENSUS Patch Panel is equipped with sensors to read ICID clips and detect cable presence, allowing system users to track free ports and the kinds of cables the panel is connected to at any time. The panel’s management module includes Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology that reads product information within the NFC tags of cables using ICID clips. It also possesses a four-inch LCD touchscreen that displays cable information and can provide detailed instructions of work orders to technicians. 

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Optical Path Exchange (OPX)

The Optical Path Exchange (OPX) system provided by Fiber Mountain offers low-latency, scalable, protocol agnostic, optical MUX capabilities that can help transform a data center’s network infrastructure. The system works seamlessly to combine all of Fiber Mountain’s other products and software solutions, including their Sensus and J-Series Panels, and the AllPath Director. The configuration of these systems allows for enhanced physical layer intelligence and transparent management of high-density fiber optics to enable a more dynamic, secure, and easily managed array of physical networks. Do you need access to a range of critical technology to help your business operate effectively? C&C Technology Group can help you find what you need.

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