FiberFox Mini 6S Fusion Splicer Review

The Fiber Fox Mini 6S Fusion Splicer is SOC compatible and quite possibly the smallest fiber fusion splicer. Its small size could easily be mistaken for a toy. However, don’t let the looks deceive you. This splicer even came packed with everything you could need to splice both single-mode and multimode fiber supports all standard connectors.

It has a universal holder that makes it easy to take anywhere. With a super-fast heating time of 18 seconds, the Fiber Fox Mini 6S core alignment splicer is also ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The single splice takes just seven seconds and does not need any adjustment to get it just right. I was surprised by how long the battery lasted. One battery lasted about 200 cycles, and it came with a second. Perfect for all-day jobs.

While the price is a bit higher than some others, it’s worth it because the standard kit comes with a bunch of helpful stuff. It came with a cooling tray, spare electrode, a car charger, shoulder strap, like three different chargers. It was the perfect all-in-one kit that came in its own hard case. Having everything all in one easy kit makes it much easier to have everything you need to do a lot of jobs over the course of your normal workday.

The FiberFox Mini 6S does precisely what it promises and more.

I was impressed with the speed and ease of use this all-in-one kit provided. I did not think that it would work as well as it did on some of my larger projects. However, it stayed fast all day long.

As someone who uses this splicer often, I was even more surprised with its full touch screen. This makes it super convenient to set the machine up to fit my needs. But after I used it, I really liked how easy it is for me to carry around this machine without worrying about dropping or breaking it because of the tempered glass over the touch screen.

I still can’t get over how light this amazing splicer is. It’s just over a kilogram without the battery and fits in the palm of your hand. Convenience at its finest! One feature I used more than I expected was the green mode. It reduces the intensity so I can get a better look at what I’m doing without having to re-adjust anything or search for where I last put it down.

I was surprised with this splicer because of how light and compact it is and because of its amazing usability. I ended up using the car cigar charger more often than I thought I would. Overall the Fiber Fox Mini 6S is an excellent fusion splicer. It’s easy to use and has a ton of added features! I’m so glad I got one. It makes my job that much easier.

I would recommend the Fiber Fox Mini 6S fusion splicer for anyone who needs a reliable, fast, durable, and effective unit that is small and compact. This core alignment splicer is worth every penny you spend on it!

Fiberfox mini 6s core alignment splicer
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