Fluke Networks Cable Certification Contractor

Fluke Networks Cable Certification Contractor

Fluke Networks Cable Certification Contractor

Smart buildings can be greatly enhanced with the use of smart building materials. After all, you can have the latest and greatest smart building technology but it can’t be fully utilized if the building’s materials leak heat or are otherwise substandard. Before undertaking a smart building upgrade or investing in a smart building facility, give us a call. A New Jersey fluke networks cable certification contractor from C&C Technology Group can review your options in light of the building’s structure and the materials used to construct it. We can help you optimize what is available to you in a way that makes financial sense and provides the best possible return on your investment.

What are smart building materials?

As a fluke networks cable certification contractor can explain, smart building materials are those that are developed and created with the goal of maximizing sustainability, optimization of energy usage, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Examples of Smart Building Materials

Many types of materials can be used in smart building construction. However, the same materials can be used ineffectively and offer a poor return on investment when a building’s design does not take advantage of smart technology.

  • Insulation for smart walls. Water resistance, high insulation value, and minimum air infiltration and exfiltration should all be considered when choosing materials for a building’s walls.
  • Improved materials for smart concrete. Some materials are better than others when it comes to energy efficiency. One example is glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) that can replace stone, aluminum panels, and masonry. GRC is a decorative material and can be easily shaped and cut for customized applications. Our specialists can review your company’s architectural needs and suggest which materials might be more conducive to smart building design.
  • Maximum R-Value roof insulation. Sufficient insulation in the roof offers better heat retention during the cooler months, and better cooling during the warmer months. In turn, this can greatly reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling. With a dramatic reduction of HVAC systems usage, utility bills and maintenance costs can drop significantly. In addition, properly insulated buildings can offer a higher property value than one that is lacking in insulation.

Smart Building Design by a Fluke Networks Cable Certification Contractor

When a building is designed with smart technology in mind, it can greatly reduce long term costs to the building’s owners and managers. Though retrofits, upgrades, and renovations are a possible solution, they can be expensive and less efficient than a building designed with smart technology from the start. Smart building designs can also incorporate the necessary wiring and wireless network needs of a comprehensive solution. At C&C Technology Group, each fluke networks cable certification contractor has a thorough understanding of what is necessary to achieve maximum efficiency in smart building design. With a customized solution, you can maximize the efficiency of the space your workflow requires.

Contact Us for More Information

At C&C Technology Group we have helped many businesses determine the smart building solutions that work best to address their needs. We can help you too. Contact us to request a free consultation with a fluke networks cable certification contractor who can help you determine how a smart building can improve your bottom line.

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