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Fluke Networks is a global leader in troubleshooting, certification, and installation tools to install and maintain critical network cabling infrastructure.

Their firm integrates unmatched performance with industry-standard reliability to ensure that all jobs are done efficiently.

About Fluke Networks

Two and a half decades ago, Fluke Corporation was founded as an innovative new program formulated around attentively chosen groups known as “Phoenix Teams.” Each team was given $100,000 and 100 days to accomplish something seemingly simple:

  • Observe how customers work.
  • Evaluate the problems they face.
  • Transform the insights they gleaned into new business ventures.

After spending many days with hardworking, often stressed-out technicians, the original team realized there wasn’t an easy way to figure out whether network problems were related to software, hardware, or cabling. They decided to create a new way of doing things. Today, Fluke Networks strives to simplify complex networks’ troubleshooting with products that offer deeper visibility to uncover previously undetected problems. Additional info:

  • Employs more than 700 employees around the world
  • 45% of their revenue comes from outside the U.S.
  • Services customers in over 120 countries
  • Fluke Networks is a division of Fluke Electronics Corporation.
  • Global headquarters located in Everett, WA, with engineering centers, sales offices, and Technical Assistance Centers located around the world

Fluke Networks Works For

Architects, Consultants, and Designers

Fluke Networks provides various tools for network cabling services by network designers, network cabling architects, and network cable consultants. Fluke Networks Tools can help you improve the efficiency of network cabling services.

Controls System Engineers

Controls Systems Engineers are called in to design, improve, and support systems in manufacturing and process plants. Controls Engineers deal with a broad array of equipment and processes and equipment and use specialized tools to figure out if problems are in the devices, the network cable, or device configurations.

Network Engineers

The Network Engineer supports the enterprise network, and the network is only as strong as the fiber or copper infrastructure that supports it. Fluke Networks helps Network engineers and their cabling plants be prepared to handle the latest networking technologies by providing tools to establish if problems are in the network or elsewhere.

Network Cabling Contractors & Installers

Network cabling contractors and installers are responsible for engineering, installing, and certifying structured wiring networks for their customers. We help contractors and installers tackle challenges as well as opportunities in today’s constantly evolving market.

Fluke networks products

Fluke Networks Products & Services

Fluke Networks boasts a world-class, multi-disciplinary team with a laser-focused mission: To create and deliver the best network test solutions possible. Offering innovative tools that set the industry standard, Fluke Networks is here to help Datacom contractors, Communications Services Technicians, and Data networks accomplish their goals.

Tools from Fluke Networks set the industry standard in network testing, which is why C&C Technology Group partners with them to help your organization stay ahead of the technological curve.

Learn more about the products and services Fluke Networks offers:

Cable Installation Tools

Click through to learn more about the process of cable installation and the cable installation tools contractors can utilize to improve the quality and efficiency of a cable installation job.

Cabling For Wi-Fi

In the last few decades, proponents of Wi-Fi networking have been promising that the era of copper-based networks is coming to an end. However, copper networks still keep growing (although slower), despite the continued exponential expansion of Wi-Fi. Fluke Networks will help you determine the kind of wire your organization needs to support the latest in wireless.

Data Centers

Every enterprise network relies on a data center, which allows for the access, transmission, and storage of all information. Cabling connects enterprise local area networks (LANs) to servers, switches, storage area networks (SANs), and any other kinds of active equipment that supports all transactions, applications, and communication.

Category 8 Cable Testing

Category 8 cabling is specified for 2GHz, 30-meter, 2-connector channels, and data center applications. Category 8 cabling is engineered for data center edge applications in copper server-to-switch connections where the 25 and 40 Gb/s speeds can reside.

Fiber Optic Testers

Get a detailed look at fiber testing and the kinds of fiber testers to guarantee network performance, and learn about the common contaminants of fiber optics in current mission-critical networks.

Four Pair Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

With the abundance of devices on the market now able to utilize higher PoE levels, such as the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points, desktop computers, and digital displays, Four-pair PoE is the new standard. Scroll through to learn more about Four-pair PoE standards, LP cabling certification, cabling requirements, and field-terminated plugs.

Multi-fiber Push On (MPO) Connectors

MPOs are fibers made up of multiple optical fibers. Although the definition is just an array connector with more than two fibers, MPO Connectors are generally available with 8,12, or 24 fibers for usual data center and LAN applications. Higher fiber counts like 32, 48, 60, or even 72 fibers are generally used in special super high-density multi-fiber arrays in large-scale optical switches.

Industrial Ethernet Copper Cabling

Since its inception at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in the 1970s, Ethernet has become the world’s most widely used networking system. Throughout the decades, astounding leaps and bounds to the standards have allowed Ethernet to address many applications that the original developers could never have imagined.

Network Cable Testers

Cable testing (Cat5, Cat 6, and Cat 7 Testing) assists in making sure that the installed cabling links can handle data communication. Fluke Networks offers standard tests and cable testers for datacom cabling, and you can consult with our experts regarding standards and best practices.

Twisted Pair Cabling Tester and 10 Gigabit Cabling

10 Gigabit/sec Ethernet (10GBASE-T) over twisted pair cabling is widely implemented in data centers today. Explore 10 Gigabit/sec cabling certification, test parameters, standards, and more.

OTDR 0 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

OTDR testing is used to maintain fiber infrastructure performance.

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