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Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks


Fluke Networks

LanTroVision and its partnership with Fluke Networks is a great example of meeting the challenge and necessity of exceeding customer expectations. LanTroVision, Singapore-based structured cabling and IT network installation company, has established a legacy of providing best-in-class services.  With annual revenue exceeding $106.8 million and subsidiaries and alliance partnerships across Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and South America, LanTroVision is consistently focused on growing by providing evolving product and service lines. It continues to strengthen its global brand by expanding product offerings that are complementary to its IT cabling infrastructure business.

Exceeding customer expectations, however, grows more-and-more challenging as customer anticipations grow despite Smart Building Integrators shrinking budgets and project schedules. The company is constantly asked to do more with less.

“LanTroVision customers expect the very best in cable installation quality, but today’s economic landscape has them asking us to deliver more with less time and budget,” said Eric Ang, head of training and development for LanTroVision.

LanTroVision trains and equips its technicians with the latest technologies to gain an advantage and perform effectively with the utmost quality. In the past, this toolset included the DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer from Fluke Networks. But the challenge of continuously shrinking budgets and project schedules demanded a next-generation solution.” What was that solution? The Versiv™ DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™

Fluke Network’s Versiv DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer provides increased performance and functionality over the successful DTX CableAnalyzer product line. The DSX improves the efficiency of copper certification with unmatched testing speed. It also supports modules for fiber testing, Wi-Fi analysis, and Ethernet troubleshooting. It is easily upgradable to support future standards, protecting investments now and into the future.

“Training for the DSX is almost non-existent,” said Ang. “The product is so user-friendly that our technicians just pick it up and go. For our last project, the technicians simply turned on the Versiv devices and started working with no delays or production stops.”

In addition, the Versiv DSX-5000’s Taptive™ user interface allows LanTroVision technicians to troubleshoot faults faster with touchscreen operations similar to modern mobile phones and tablets. It graphically displays the source of failure, including crosstalk, return loss, and shield faults. The DSX-5000 also features ProjX™ Management System capabilities to ensure jobs are done correctly and on time from setup to systems acceptance.

How has LanTroVision benefited from the switch? In just a few months of use, the DSX-5000 is already generating results for LanTroVision on a variety of high-profile projects. It was indispensable in meeting schedule requirements for a major technology company’s data center expansion in Asia.

“The DSX provides fast port identification and testing, cutting the time needed to test installed cables by as much as 50 percent,” said Ang. “It was our secret weapon for winning and completing this particular data center job.”

LanTroVision also benefits from the DSX ProjX Management System. The Digital Building Company uses the project management capabilities to set up and track progress for large projects that span multiple locations. It allows Ang to gain visibility into project status and projected completion times.

The bottom line for LanTroVision: migrating from the Fluke Networks DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer to the new Versiv DSX-5000 product line was caused less by a challenge and more by an opportunity to adopt a next-generation technology. The Versiv DSX-5000 helps LanTroVision complete cable installation jobs to customer specifications in half the time. It allows them to test all kinds of cables used on the job and maintain maximum uptime in customer networks, all with little-to-no technician training. In addition, the DTX and DSX platforms are interoperable, allowing LanTroVision to make the most of their investments and migrate technologies as their budget and schedule allows.

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