Fluke Networks LinkIQ Cable + Network Tester Kit Review

When you need a cable network tester kit, reach out for the best choice – Fluke Networks LIQ-KIT cable and network tester kit. This device allows you to find the maximum cabling speed for your components. Plus, you can quickly identify switch names, port numbers, and VLANs. All of the work is documented through the patented LinkWare PC, where you can print reports and manage your results. This is a cable and network testing kit that you can trust from Fluke Networks.

Why You Need the LinkIQ Cable + Network Tester Kit

Network and cable testing are vital to the health of your network. Those necessary steps are made simple with this device. You can validate your cable’s performance up to 10GBASE-T via its frequency-based measurement. Along with that, the LINKIQ allows you to gather information about data rates and switch names. 

In-Depth PoE Testing

Through hardware and software negotiation, you can test your Power over Ethernet. This device detects the class and power from a load test of available PoE through your connected switch with verification. Its testing allows you to easily install devices around your facilities, such as security cameras and access points.

Many people have issues integrating these systems, but with LinkIQ, you can find those ideal spots with no trouble. The LinkIQ gives you a place to load the connection to correctly distribute the power from the switch and across your cabling infrastructure. If you are looking to simplify those installations, you definitely need to grab the LinkIQ.  

LIQ-KIT-IE Additional Features

With the LinkIQ, you can obtain the distance from faults in your networking system, as well as shorts, unterminated cables, and open switches. Using the remote ID feature, you will have a complete wire map of the cables to help with miswired and split pairs

Deciphering the screen is simple with this device. The LinkIQ generates both digital and analog tones that can be used with the IntelliTone Probe to help find cables in a telecommunication room or walls. You have a blink portlight that quickly and easily identifies the connected switch ports. Its display is touch-sensitive and gesture-based, so there is no fumbling around to find the right buttons. 

You already know that technology changes in the blink of an eye. With that, this LinkIQ can be easily upgraded via the USB-C through the LinkWare PC. Even charging is handled via a standard USB-C port. If that wasn’t enough, you even get a compact duffel bag to carry the primary device and accessories to your next job. 

The Best Choice on the Market

Network and cable testing can be complicated without the right tools. With LinkIQ, you don’t have to worry about unreliable devices. This testing kit gives you all the items to check on the speed and identify ports. Make sure to pick this kit up for your data center.

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