Fluke Networks MS-POE Cable Verifier & PoE Tester Review

If you want to take the confusion out of your next PoE installation project, you need to grab Fluke Networks MS-POE MicroScanner Copper Cable Verifier. These testers can help you to find and detect any available PoE classes from 0-8. Along with that, the tester will display the voltage from those passive PoE sources. When you need to know where your cable is hiding behind the walls, these testers can help you find those resources. 

Do I Need a MicroScanner Copper Cable Verifier?

With this handy device, you will have all that vital information in your hand. You can check on available services (up to 10G Ethernet), cable IDs, wire maps, cable lengths, and displays. Plus, the LCD screen is easy to read, even for a novice. There is no learning curve with this product. You can take it out of the box and get to work. 

With this copper cable verifier, you can have swift testing for Ethernet-powered devices, such as cameras, VoIP phones, lighting, and security equipment. This tester will even show the entire power class up to 90 Watts.

The Cable Verifier and PoE tester for RJ-45

If that isn’t enough, the MicroScanner includes a cable verifier with a user guide, detachable wire map adapter, batteries, and a carrying pouch. There is even a one-year warranty to protect your investment. You can use this device without worrying about keeping all those components together in one place. 

Some LCD screens can be hard to read. However, you will not have that issue with this device. The oversized backlit screen displays crystal-clear results so that you read it in the dark or under bright lights. The MicroScanner features intuitive icons to detect network switch speed capabilities, distances to any faults, and location of POTS. 

While some devices need adapters to detect low voltages with data, voice, or video cables, there is no need for this tester. The integrated RJ45 supports allow you to test for any low voltage. That leads to quick troubleshooting and high-quality installations for your active network environment. 

Many testers on the market are difficult to hold and handle. When you are testing your network, you want something that you can maintain for the project’s duration. The MicroScanner features an ergonomic and rigid rubber grip. That makes for a more comfortable experience in the field. Once a wire or cable has been located, the device sounds with analog or digital toning. 

MS-POE from Fluke Networks

When you want a reliable product that will ensure the success of your next project, make sure to reach for the MicroScanner. This tool can help you troubleshoot or install those vital cables for infrastructure in your data center or other spaces. You want to choose a product that can hold up to the job. Many devices make promises, but very few can deliver on them. Your search for the perfect copper cable verifier has come to an end – make sure to purchase the Fluke Networks MS-POE MicroScanner.

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