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At C&C Technology Group, your local hospital grade power cords vendor, we know that quality and safety are top priorities for our clients. With a medical setting, every day can carry critical moments where you need dependable, hospital-grade products with reliable components. Products that we offer include cord sets, sockets, plugs, power cords, and power entry modules. When maintaining products for medical purposes, it is vital that the product meets the required standards.

If you are in need of a power cords solution, we can assess your hospital needs and ensure that you receive the right electrical components for connectivity. We are always happy to answer questions that potential clients have about a power cord vendor, so don’t be shy to give us a ring or send an email.

Replacement Cords

We can help you decide whether you are in need of a hospital grade replacement cord, and exactly how many are going to benefit the facility. We also offer custom labeling so cords will be marked depending on their locations and use. For example, we can add “Operating Room #3” or “ER #5”, etc. We provide several different labeling choices, including wrap, barcode, flag, or grounding labels. With your cords labeled, it ensures they stay in the intended area.

Plugs and Sockets

Alike to cord sets and power cords, there are certain requirements for hospital-grade sockets and plugs for use in the United States. If you have a large healthcare facility, we may suggest ordering in bulk. Power cords and cord sets help meet electrical needs, and you may choose from cord sets, power cord, or hard wiring assembly. 

Power Entry Modules

When choosing components for medical equipment, there is increased importance on filtering and fusing. Patient-connected equipment may be subjected to requirements for low-leakage. Furthermore, fusing the neutral connections and line connections may be necessary. For more information, call your local Hospital grade power cords vendor at C&C Technology group right now. 

Power Cords and Cord Sets

As we may tell you, it is imperative that you know whether there are preferences or standards to follow when designing hospital-grade products. Cord sets and power cords of hospital-grade strength are subject to certain recommendations. If you aren’t sure what those are, we are more than happy to explain in further detail.

Call C&C Technology Group Today

As a power cords vendor, we understand that our role is to provide you with dependable products while providing excellent customer service. We are here to make your life easier, not harder! A friendly customer service representative is ready to speak with you at your earliest convenience. To hear more about how C&C Technology Group can benefit your medical practice or hospital, call your nearby hospital grade power cords vendor today!

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