IBM Value Added Reseller

IBM Value Added Reseller

IBM Value Added Reseller

As an IBM value added reseller, the C&C Technology Group brings decades of experience to our customers needing technology and cabling solutions. Whether you are a smaller business in need of a business data center or are looking to upgrade your current technology, our team is available to help you. Understanding business data centers and the benefits of making such an investment in your technology is critical for any business owner considering an upgrade or new technology for their business. With technology ever-changing and businesses competing for the upper hand, it’s vital for companies to keep up with recent advancements. Our team provides cutting edge services that can not only help you solve your technology issues but ensure that your business is functioning as competitively and efficiently as possible from a tech standpoint.   

What is a Business Data Center?

A business data center comprises several elements that centralized IT’s equipment and operations: storage, process, and data dissemination. Data storage systems play a critical role in the functioning of daily business operations and provide many functions and benefits to businesses:

  • Protects data from natural disaster, errors, and theft
  • Backs up data to ensure smooth operations
  • Providing information that can be accessed at any time
  • Stores network infrastructure, security, servers, and more
  • Manage e-commerce business transactions
  • Having a business data center can assist in improving efficiency by reducing network disruptions
  • Can assist in staying competitive in the business world

Our IBM value added reseller will tell you that typically when one thinks of business data centers, they often think of physical onsite infrastructures for IT operations. However, while there may still be some physical components to a business data center, as technology continues to evolve, these business data centers have started to transition to virtual infrastructures. 

Solving Your Technology Issues

We can help educate you regarding the process and the appropriate steps to enhance your business with cutting edge technology. We know that deciding to invest in quality innovation and technology for your business can be overwhelming and feel time-consuming for business leaders. However, with our services, we can assist with making critical decisions for your infrastructure by designing a data structure and digital business that is cost-effective, efficient, and benefits your business’s needs. Our team knows that you will have many specific requirements for your business, and our team is available to support you in presenting options and assisting in customizing them to meet your very specific needs. 

C&C Technology Group knows that business owners, property owners, and employees often have a wide range of complaints regarding their technology performance. We can help provide solutions to the number of problems your business may be experiencing through the design and technology we can provide you with. With our support, we can help transform your technology, your business and empower your workforce by providing a number of customized options. No matter the size of your business, our IBM value added reseller can assist you at the C&C Technology Group. 

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