IBM VAR for IoT Solutions

IBM VAR for IoT Solutions

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At C&C Technology Group, we are proud to offer IBM VAR for IoT solutions. Most IoT platforms focus on end results. It is imperative that companies who are wanting to establish IoT programs start with the basics. Your operations, platform setup, and management is how you will confirm that data needs to reach the point it needs to go and can be properly analyzed. Most companies want to increase their revenue while decreasing costs, and see to it that they are compliant with IoT platforms.

We strongly suggest analyzing your current IoT platform capabilities and assess whether it is helping you reach the level of business success you have always imagined, or if it is actually hindering your ability to do so. Here are a few signs that may mean you should adopt a new and more dependable IoT platform:

There are Issues in Integrating Technology

There are many layers in developing an IoT solution. A number of companies have to work with partners if they wish to yield the most benefits from the best technologies currently available. But, some IoT software platforms are not able to keep up with these integrative technologies, both device and enterprise. These platforms may show analytics, but most of them expect the client to figure it out for themselves when it comes to integration. 

If you are dealing with the integration for your business right now, you will have to think about what devices you have currently and what you hope to use in the future. Furthermore, you may need in-house expertise that C&C Technology Group for VAR IBM IoT solutions can provide. You may also have to dcide who will take care of data integration, serving your needs and warding against potential problems.

If your IoT software platform has become a frustration, it may be time to switch. Utilizing an IoT platform helps you integrate the systems you have now with those you wish to set up in the upcoming weeks or months. Your IoT platform should be simple, enable easy monitoring, and the ability to make changes swiftly. 

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) has Increased 

Even with your best intentions and efforts, you may have still dealt with platform issues that eventually added up to serious costs. Problems can arise where the devices are located, and may be a device error, needed operational update, or security breach. Handling these problems can have a substantial impact on the total cost of ownership for your IoT platforms. Some of these IoT platforms that focus on analytics do not have the strength to address these challenges in the field. We understand how important it is that our clients understand their device and how it works, so they feel empowered to identify issues and correct them. But it shouldn’t go without noting that we are here as a resource so in the event of issues, we can help you fix them promptly with minimal interruptions to business operations. 

Call C&C Technology Group today to hear more about how IoT solutions for IBM VAR can benefit your company. 

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