Intelligent Building Contractor

Intelligent Building Contractor

Intelligent Building Contractor

Intelligent buildings continue to grow in popularity in New Jersey and across the country as more businesses and commercial property owners turn to these systems to assist in their property’s efficiency and safety.

At C&C Technology Group, we have more than 30 years of experience helping clients solve their complex networking and technical needs. Each intelligent building contractor at our firm knows that intelligent designs take all operations of the building and uses technology to combine them all into one system.

As an intelligent building contractor can explain, commercial buildings are high users of energy. A building’s HVAC system, which is the heat, ventilation, and cooling systems, typically are responsible for more than half of a commercial building’s energy demand. This is one reason why many owners of commercial buildings are turning to intelligent building designs in order to lower energy and facility costs, as well as gain efficiency.

In addition to the HVAC system, lighting, fire alarms, surveillance, security, elevator, facilities, and networking systems are all connected to one main system which can be accessed via the Internet from any device to anyone granted the proper credentials.

This main system is built using microchips, sensors, and actuators which are constantly collecting data from all of the other systems and providing information that enables the property owner to efficiently manage the entire structure.

Benefits of Intelligent Buildings

An intelligent building contractor can explain there are many benefits for property owners when they install an intelligent building system in an existing structure or design one into a new structure.

One of the most attractive benefits for both property owners and tenants is that these systems offer incredible savings to energy costs. Some studies show that intelligent building designs can save reduce energy costs by 30 to 40 percent.

Heating and air conditioning can be set so that the temperature is adjusted when rooms are empty. The same can be done with lighting, with the system sensing that a room is empty and turn off the lights. When a person enters a room, the lights automatically come on again, ensuring safety.

Another important benefit with intelligent buildings is the security and safety these designs offer tenants. The system is constantly monitoring critical factors in the building, such as air quality, ventilation, and detection of smoke or other hazards.

As mentioned above, oversight of the building is accessible around the clock from any Internet-connected device, which means that any safety issues or malfunction of any of the systems can be immediately detected and addressed. The ability to make repairs before it can become a problem is also a factor which can provide tenants with peace of mind, encouraging them to renew and extend leases.

Let an Intelligent Building Contractor Assist You with Your Design Needs

Whether you have an existing infrastructure that needs updating or are planning to build a whole new structure, C&C Technology Group can design the intellectual building system that is perfect for the needs of your business or your tenants’ business. We are available to meet and discuss all the ways our company can help your business. Call our office today to speak with an intelligent building contractor.

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