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InVue: Retail Security Systems, iPad Stands, Retail Analytics

InVue is a global technology firm connecting brands and retailers with innovative software, merchandising, and security solutions that optimize efficiency and the consumer experience. InVue products seamlessly protect and promote retail merchandise to enhance the in-store retail experience and improve the bottom line of their numerous clients around the world. 

About InVue


Richard Sankey originally founded InVue (formerly known as Alpha Enterprises) in 1972 as a product design company. The firm quickly outgrew its Canton, Ohio office in a renovated old house and transformed into a successful product marketing company by the 1980’s. Their first manufacturing plant opened in 1986, eventually expanding into four facilities in the U.S. alone. By the 1990s, InVue had gone global and began to specialize in providing retailers with effective security solutions, opening offices in Europe and the Asia Pacific by the 2000s. InVue continues this tradition of disruptive innovation by continuing to develop the most cutting-edge security and data solutions in the world.

OneKEY Solution

Currently, the cornerstone of InVue’s customer product offerings is their revolutionary OneKEY solution, a single physical key that transfers power to unlock a diverse array of security products, deactivates and activates different alarming devices, and allows retailers to analyze and record customer and associate interactions with merchandise through effectively capturing data.

InVue Invests In Innovation

InVue has a long and storied reputation for pinpointing opportunities, partnering with industry leaders like C&C Technology Group, and reinventing themselves to formulate profitable businesses that ultimately help their customers become more efficient. Since its inception in 1972, InVue has risen to the top of the industry through developing revolutionary products for retail music chains, the video production business, home office sectors, products securing high-theft sell-thru merchandise, and in recent years retail security guarding mobile electronics devices (which are sold throughout more than 90 countries). This impressive track record is accomplished by aggressively investing profits back into their firm, continually putting great people in leadership positions, and constantly striving to disrupt business through positive change.

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InVue Solutions

Problems Retailers Face

Dealing With Multiple Keys
Managing a heavy ring of keys can be extremely difficult, resulting in problems such as:
-Inefficient use of employees’ time
-Poor customer service
-Loss of sales, ultimately impacting the bottom line
The Invue Single OneKEY Solution solves these problems by:
Generating a unique code and time out function for additional security
Being able to audit employee use, decreasing internal theft
Transferring power, unlocking a diverse array of InVue products that also enhance the customer experience and make retail services more efficient.


As discussed previously, the OneKEY solution is a single key solution empowering retailersby improving customer service, decreasing theft, and increasing sales. By having one storewide single key solution for a disparate range of displayed merchandise, retailers can optimize time and profits. The OneKEY solution works for:

Display Merchandise

Security and merchandising solutions for tablets, phones, wearables, laptops, cameras, electronic accessories, and other general merchandise types.

Hanging Merchandise

Stores can secure a broad range of merchandise traditionally classed as “high-theft,” including printer ink, batteries, and high-value phone accessories.

Packaged Merchandise

Offers superior protection for high-value soft goods or boxed merchandise. Designed for a wide range of applications and ease of use.

Cabinet and Drawer Locks

The InVue OneKEY solution features self-locking technology to add an extra layer of protection for merchandise in drawers or cabinets. It offers employees fast access to merchandise for improved customer service and increased sales.

Point-Of-Sale: Mobile and Tablet POS Solutions

InVue’s Business Solutions offer best-in-class products for almost unlimited engagement opportunities. From mobile or static payment deployments to tablet protection and device interaction, InVue’s portfolio can be instantly configured or installed to meet any environment’s needs. Through their 100% mobile point-of-sale systems, software solutions, and flexible tablet stands, businesses can now engineer an exceptionally convenient and frictionless experience for every guest, improve essential financial metrics, and enhance operational efficiency.

CE Brands

InVue consumer electronics brands aim to integrate global expertise with local support to maximize customer moments. With an established presence in more than 90 countries, InVue has the benefit of executing a global new product launch just as well as their ability to service local needs. 

Retail Expertise

InVue’s CE Brands solutions combine more than four decades of innovation in security and retail display with a global network, which allows them to put your products in your customers’ hands while handling the specific needs of your unique regional environment.
Invue headquarters

Data Centers

The RAC Lock leads the industry with its physical security and access control technology to detect breaches and tampering.

Benefits Of InVue Data Center offerings:

Easy To Use:Swift deployment without needing network or power connection
Extremely Scalable: No matter what size your data center needs are, your organization can add locks to new or existing cabinets whenever necessary.
Secure: Tracked key activity, dual-locking confirmation, and audit of interactions that detect and deter any malicious behavior.
Controlled Access: RAC Lock, when used in conjunction with Access Manager, allows your organization to individually assign access by zone, role, or individual racks and efficiently track key activity- all in one place! Keep audit trails of who accessed which cabinet, when, and where for regulatory compliance and incident investigation.

RAC Lock Offers Visibility And Control

The RAC Lock provides rack-level physical security, connecting access control functions for data centers. Some key benefits:

  • Protects Critical Hardware: The RAC Lock offers physical security to protect essential hardware such as hard drives, servers, and high-value inventory, from malicious attacks and human errors.
  • Detect And Respond: See and view both unauthorized and authorized activity in real-time as it happens

Compliance And Reporting: The RAC Lock allows you to see and log exactly which locks are being accessed and who is accessing them for regulatory compliance and incident investigation.

Control And Manage Access: Single-sign, cloud-based dashboard allows you to control access from individual locations and HQ. User access can be assigned via zone, role, or individual racks, and key activity can all be tracked easily in one place. Access Manager provides data centers with real-time control, visibility, and centralized management to their locked equipment so that organizations can efficiently detect, monitor, and respond to any activity in a data center.

C&C Technology Group Partners With InVue

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