Creating an efficient infrastructure has never been more important than in today’s world. Using the right solutions can have a lasting impact on your building. But why is a rack system in your infrastructure important? What makes one different from another and does it really matter? A well-designed support infrastructure can make all the difference. In what way? Signal loss can be caused by improper cable support. The right rack system can maximize your network performance by minimizing any of that possible signal loss as well as guaranteeing the flexibility necessary for growth. It can also increase the efficiency of your building through proper airflow management. Clearly then, finding the right rack system is important. So how do you decide which one is right for your building?

Legrand has got you covered for all your infrastructure needs. In addition to copper and fiber cabling systems, Legrand can provide solutions to support your entire network. In addition, the 20th Anniversary of the Mighty Mo® product family has given a name to the newest rack system, the Mighty Mo 20. The Mighty Mo 20 rack system is an industry-first with its all-white rack and matching cable management accessories. The rack system is a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of networks requiring greater flexibility, optimum efficiency, and superior design. Why should you use the Mighty Mo 20 rack system in your smart building? Here are a few reasons why this solution can impact your design.

  1. Visibility: Punch downs and port locations require high visibility. The white products of the Mighty Mo 20 rack system reflect the maximum amount of light providing greater visibility when it is needed. In fact, the white finish reflects 80% of the light enabling technicians to perform faster and more efficiently. Why is this important? Consider LEED certification. A building can earn 1 point toward LEED certification for its high-quality lighting providing for greater visibility.
  2. Flexibility: Legrand’s Mighty Mo 20 rack system can grow with the changing demands of your infrastructure. Vertical managers range from 4” to 16” wide, and their universal cable troughs make front to rear routings of cables feasible. So, you can adapt your systems to your individual needs.
  3. Efficiency: The solutions encapsulated in the Mighty Mo 20 rack system protect your cabling. How so? The Honeycomb pattern on the side rails help to stabilize terminated cable as they leave the rack as well as provide maximum airflow for properly ventilated equipment.
  4. Design: They say practice makes perfect. And 20 years of design and engineering have helped Legrand to create a rack solution that truly meets all your needs. Legrand’s design can help to minimize your network downtime while allowing room for growth and supporting new technology.

With higher visibility, greater flexibility, maximum efficiency, and superior design, the Mighty Mo 20 rack system is a clear choice for your infrastructure. Interested in learning more about this innovative system? Contact C&C Technology Group today for more information on Legrand’s line of products.

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