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Lightware Visual Engineering is an AV company that designs and manufactures video signal management solutions for high-end applications across various industries. 

From 1998 to now, Lightware has delivered precision AV products across over 30 countries worldwide.

About Lightware

Lightware brings advantages to AV system integrators and designers with its innovative products and technologies. These products offer benefits for AV professionals at every stage of the process, from designing their systems to installation, configuration, and beyond.

There are three features of Lightware’s products that make the company stand out in the AV marketplace:

1. Analytics

Lightware’s products feature built-in frame rate analyzers, which is a benefit that’s unmatched in the industry. Users of Lightware can receive continuous feedback about clock frequency and exact pixel count in real-time.

The company gives users a way to monitor their data more efficiently, bringing peace of mind to the most critical AV operations and making higher-level integration possible.

2. Diagnostics

The company’s products also feature a cable diagnostic tool that can monitor the status of every cable in your AV system to provide real-time feedback, including transmission error rates between transmitters and receivers.

Lightware’s technologies ensure that technicians and integrators don’t have to physically check on cables because they have that information available on their screens at all times.

3. Open API

Lightware’s open API means that every piece of data in your AV system is powered by Lightware, down to the device level. All of that data is openly available for management and monitoring systems for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes.

The company’s products work seamlessly with third-party systems, creating a powerful combination for its users and unlocking many possibilities in any AV operation.

Lightware’s Target Markets

The company’s devices have a proven record of powering various AV applications across many industries. Lightware’s products can tackle challenges in specific AV environments, including:


Presentation, training, and collaboration rooms play a crucial role in the corporate communication of the modern business world, and Lighware’s AV solutions help system designers and integrators create the most efficient corporate rooms.

Education and Training

Lightware offers automated and intuitive room control solutions for training and educational institutions to allow educators and students to focus on the task at hand without disruptions.

Gaming & Esports

Lightware’s AV products bring uncompromising signal management to the world of gaming and esports. This game-changing technology is helping tournaments worldwide operate more efficiently.

Defense and Intelligence

Lightware and the company’s solutions proudly support the most mission-critical systems across air, land, and sea domains. Their products are continuously deployed in challenging and highly-classified environments with an exceptional rate of success.

Rental and Staging

The company offers its widely acclaimed AV devices and technologies for rental and staging applications. Their reliability, built-in redundancies, and versatility ensure that the show doesn’t stop for anything.

Digital Signage

Lightware provides reliable and robust AV solutions for digital displays in various applications, including media content, local information, and hospitality & leisure environments.

Entertainment, Theater, and Sports

Lightware gives system integrators the insights and products they need to create the best sound systems, hit every communication requirement, and more to design the best AV system for entertainment, theater, and sports spaces.


The company provides AV solutions and systems designed for healthcare applications that offer visualizations with no latency and high resolution, pixel-perfect images.


Lightware offers products and solutions for control rooms, operating centers, training and simulation facilities, video conferencing and telepresence centers that operate in real-time.


Lightware also offers secure, data-diode class product versions dedicated to environments and operations where the highest level of integrity and security are key concerns.

Lightware product line

Lightware’s Products and Solutions

Lightware’s products have a proven record of seamlessly integrating with the leading third-party devices, from USB webcams and network switchers to audio systems and other IT and AV infrastructures. The company also provides world-class support and assistance for system architects to ensure Lightware delivers the best solution to fit their project requirements.

Taurus UCX

Lightware’s Taurus UCX is a universal switcher that can transform any huddle room or meeting space into something more.

Cisco Integration

This package from Lightware is simple to install and sets out to enhance any CISCO collaboration room.


UBEX from Lightware is an unrivaled AV-over-IP solution that delivers 4K60 video in real-time. Its uses range from Esports and live events to XR applications for the ultimate immersive experience.


Lightware’s VINX line of products brings lightning-fast switching, enhanced versatility, and Dante Audio support to AV operations ranging from classrooms and auditoriums to digital signage.

TPX Extenders

The company’s TPX devices are SDVoE-based and the next-gen of point-to-point extenders. They allow HDMI signal management over a single CAT cable.

MX2 Series

Based on Lightware’s popular MX line, the MX2 series brings its AV applications to the next level and provides HDMI 2.0 compliance.

MX2M Series

The company’s MX2M Series of products provides incredible flexibility through a set of connectivity standards that result in a versatile hybrid matrix.

MX Series

Lightware’s MX Series is the industry-standard device to transmit video signals over fiber optic and twisted pair cables over medium or long distances.

Full Features USB-C Cables

Lightware also provinces USB full-features cables for Gen1 USB 3.1.

25G Hybrid

The company’s 25G Hybrid line consists of matrix routers that are a comprehensive suite of digital matrix switches, receivers, and transmitters that enhance switching with its built-in powerful diagnostic tools.


Lightware’s MODEX units are ultra-fast modular extenders that support broadcast and AV formats and offer a range of modular receivers and transmitters, digital and analog AV extensions, Ethernet and control signals, and USB KVM over a single fiber cable.

Event Manager

The company’s Event Manager products feature smart, built-in controls that are compatible with the MODEX line, TPS extenders, and most Lightware matrix switchers. Event Manager is a free feature that Lighware users can download to gain more control over their AV projects.


Lightware’s software offerings include device controllers, device updates, and firmware upgrades for AV technologies.

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