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LogiSon Acoustic Network

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Are you looking for an acoustic networking solution that is durable and reliable? Look no further than the LogiSon® Acoustic Network. This fantastic system is designed to meet the needs of technology business owners who require high performance and flexibility. With this system, you can manage your space more effectively.

Small Zones

Adjustment zone for the logison sound network

With the LogiSon Acoustic Network, you can create zones with as few as one speaker and make fine-tuned adjustments inside each one, including 100 volume steps in 0.5 dBA increments and 1/3-octave frequency control across the whole sound masking range. This allows you to fine-tune your sound masking to the specifics of your location, making the whole place more pleasant and functional.

Larger adjustment zones with a sound masking system mean that, even with the identical volume and frequency settings for each speaker, the masking sound will vary throughout your room as it interacts with the features of your workplace design. The number of individuals who would live in areas of varying sizes is depicted in the bar chart above. The larger the zone, the more people will be affected by the adjustments to the system, as seen in the graph. And if you can’t tweak individual parts, you’ll have to adjust each sector to an “optimal” overall level.

Some multi-zone systems attempt to solve this issue by installing audio transformers at each speaker, however they often only allow for broad alterations to the overall volume level and no fine-tuning of the frequency range. Large zones will produce this effect regardless of how you set up the loudspeakers. Some people try to fix the sound quality by pointing their speakers down, but this is an inefficient solution. The truth is that you lack the necessary degree of control to achieve optimal results with this method.

When trying to improve the system’s performance for some inhabitants in one location, raising the volume may be necessary, but this may result in discomfort for other occupants in nearby areas. As a result, if you need to turn it down, you’ll lose the ability to control background noise and protect the privacy of conversations. There will be random appearances of this pattern around your area. Performance drops by about 10% for every dB below the optimal masking volume. Then why do some systems permit variations of up to 6 dB?

Do not jeopardize the effectiveness of your noise reduction equipment or the convenience of your customers. Select the LogiSon Acoustic Network and confine your attention to relatively small areas.

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Dialing in on a Specific Frequency

The LogiSon® Acoustic Network goes above and above providing 0.5 dBA volume increments and 1/3 octave band equalization settings.

Not a single sound masking system has default parameters that automatically generate an appropriate masking tone. Why? Because designing a system isn’t enough on its own. Interactions between sound and interior design features, such as floor plan and furniture, alter the effectiveness of noise absorption in a given workplace. Adjusting the system’s volume and frequency settings is necessary if you want sound masking to work as intended.

The LogiSon® TARGET tuning procedure is lightning fast and extremely precise. TARGET tuning instantly adjusts the volume and frequency of each zone’s soundproofing based on user input. And it does it much more quickly and precisely than any human, no matter how skilled, could hope to accomplish before. The end result is a sound that is less noticeable, more pleasant, and more effective for all of your residents.

Flexible Design

The LogiSon® Acoustic Network also provides hardware and software alternatives for managing your sound suppression system. The Acoustic Network Manager software allows you to control the volume and adjust the sound zones for a single speaker, a group of speakers, or a whole campus from a local control panel or remotely from your computer.

The wide selection of loudspeaker models, market-leading capabilities, and fine-tuned control settings will allow you to realize your specific acoustic objectives, regardless of the nature of your application, the size of your facility, the complexity of your installation, or the circumstances under which you need to tune your speakers.

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It’s crucial that nobody can get into your soundproofing system. This is why the LogiSon® Acoustic Network takes precautions to prevent unauthorized access, both online and off.

The status of the system is constantly monitored. The LogiSon® Acoustic Network can sound an alarm and send out alert emails if an issue arises.

Running as a Windows Service, Acoustic Network Supervisor monitors your LogiSon® Acoustic Network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Depending on your needs, Acoustic Network Supervisor can keep tabs on either the control panel(s) or on everything in your setup. Being an exterior part, it can continue to provide notifications even if its internal parts stop working. Your sound-masking interface doubles as a status monitor. The Acoustic Network Supervisor program can be configured to send alerts to your email whenever certain conditions are met, allowing you to respond swiftly to any problems that arise.

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Logison advantage

Installing the Network

We have over 40 years of expertise in the sector and were the first to develop networked sound masking technology, so we know that the key to effective sound masking is narrow zones, professional tuning, and adaptability.

LogiSon® Acoustic Networks are designed to be hidden above the ceiling tile during installation. However, its modern aesthetic and minimal wiring make it the ideal solution for rooms with high ceilings.

The LogiSon® Acoustic Network enhances acoustics in a wide range of settings by dispersing a calming background sound across the installation area.

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Choosing the LogiSon® Acoustic Network 

If you’re looking for an acoustic network that can improve your workplace communication, the LogiSon® Acoustic Network is a great option. Our team at C&C Technology can help you choose the right system for your needs.

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