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Media Vision: Award-Winning AV Conferencing Solutions

Media Vision is an award-winning AV solution provider across North America and Europe that’s been offering innovative products since 2002. No matter how complex your audio, collaboration, or design needs are, Media Vision has the perfect solution.

About Media Vision

Media Vision is a global supplier of conferencing solutions from massive political organizations to small-scale boardrooms.

The company is a leading provider of professional AV solutions that improve participation and intelligibility for more productive, effective meetings. Media Vision’s solutions include wireless, wired, and multimedia conference microphone systems, assistive listening, simultaneous interpreting, and multi-channel streaming and recording.

Media Vision works with consultants, system integrators, and a dedicated product engineering team to deliver unparalleled support and design the best system configurations to ensure impeccable product delivery.

Founded in 2002 by Fardad Zabetian in the SF Bay area, Media Vision began distributing its conferencing, interpretation, and voting solutions for many years. The company partnered with the respected and recognized manufacturer TAIDEN in 2006 to offer even better solutions to its clients. In 2016, Media Vision launched two new product lines manufactured by the company itself to offer solutions for assistive listening and multi-audio-track streaming.

Throughout the years, Media Vision has expanded across North America and Europe while gaining recognition for being an industry expert and leading provider across the world.

Media Vision:

  • Has over 1,200 clients worldwide
  • Operates in 52 countries
  • Offers over 700 products and options
  • Handles over 1,000 meetings daily

Media Vision Works For

Corporate Applications

For corporate applications, Media Vision offers flexible setups, room combinations, multipurpose rooms, and permanent installation for meetings. The company provides flush-mount conference microphones in both wired and wireless varieties for maximum flexibility in setting up your meeting room. All of the company’s solutions can integrate with other video conferencing systems and support efficient meetings in a way that adapts to the overall use and design of your space.

  • Executive boardrooms
  • VTC boardrooms
  • Training centers
  • Flexible meeting spaces

Educational Applications

Media Vision offers sound and presentation solutions that allow its clients to turn any educational space into a hybrid learning environment. The company specializes in designing and creating future-proof, interactive classrooms with solutions that allow educators to equip their learning spaces with technology that genuinely encourages collaboration. Media Vision’s conference microphones support better intelligibility for students, and the company’s localized visualizers and speakers guarantee clarity for an instructor’s presentation.

  • University lecture halls
  • Multipurpose centers
  • Board of directors
  • Distance learning centers


For government use, Media Vision offers on-site, virtual, and hybrid conferencing solutions that can adapt to various room configurations and requirements. The company’s conference systems are made for state, local, and other special government environments. Media Vision’s products allow for controlled microphone activation, audio recording and archiving, video tracking for live streaming, paperless document display, electronic voting, display-to-audience screens, agenda importing, and more.

  • Legislative chambers
  • Courtroom
  • Military situation room
  • City council chambers

International Organizations

Media Vision offers portable and specialized solutions for annual meetings, multilingual conference rooms, auditoriums, and more for international organizations. The company’s TAIDEN language interpretation and conference systems have been used worldwide in the headquarters of the most prestigious international organizations, including in multilingual congresses. From interpreter units to language receivers, Media Vision delivers a complete AV solution to its international clients.

  • Conference rooms
  • Annual meetings
  • Portable systems
  • Auditoriums 
Media vision product line

Media Visions Products & Solutions

From wired and wireless microphones to multimedia terminals, presentation systems, and more, Media Vision has specialized audio solutions for almost any application.

Congress Systems

Media Vision offers various congress systems that support HD multimedia terminals, simultaneous interpretation, and integrated voting. The company’s products are tried and tested in conference venues of all sizes and include the first paperless congress system developed by TAIDEN in 2010. The product line is now in its fourth generation and offers a superior HD experience, budget-conscious integrations, convenient management, and greater system reliability.

  • Conference microphones—Tabletop and flush-mounted to provide faster, more convenient operation
  • Electronic voting—Wired and wireless systems for training centers, universities, and council chambers
  • Nameplates—A more cost-effective, versatile way to identify attendees
  • Simultaneous interpretation—Up to 64 channels wired or 40 channels wireless for multilingual conferences
  • Multimedia congress terminals—An all-in-one solution for video display and file management

Presentation Systems

Media Visions provides presentation systems that offer video streaming and presenter microphone solutions for virtual, hybrid, and in-person collaboration. With Hi-Fi image and voice amplification, these systems are perfect for instructors and presenters. From projection systems to conferencing interfaces and assistive listening devices, you can get a flawless auditorium or boardroom experience.

  • Wireless presenter microphones—For multipurpose meetings rooms, teleconferencing, and confidential meetings
  • Assistive listening and tour guides—Effective, user-friendly, and reliable
  • Collaboration and document sharing—Interfaces with multi-channel recording, streaming, and document sharing
  • Visualizers—Live imaging camera for boardrooms, courtrooms, and universities
  • Video streaming and conferencing—A web conferencing platform with video tracking and integrated voting

Meeting Management

Visual Media also provides management, recording, and video control solutions for flawless meetings. A centralized control system is the key to a meeting’s success, and the company’s video matrix, camera control, and microphone management can make it happen. With Visual Media’s intuitive and unique software modules, you can control every aspect of your meeting from a touch screen, with a mouse, or from anywhere remotely.

  • Hybrid meeting rooms—Solutions to turn any setup into a meeting room
  • Conference management software—The first conference system to use an nx8 audio matrix processor
  • Legislative management software—Manage the database, deny or approve speaking requests, and display information to an audience
  • Room combining—Assign units to any outputs and create mixes for audio destinations

Virtual Council

Virtual Council is an all-in-one, specialized meeting platform designed for policymakers that Media Visions developed with its government clients. It’s a hybrid and virtual platform that makes online voting and secure video conferencing simple.

  • Video conferencing—A secure platform designed for policymakers
  • Online voting—Integrated voting features to make a quorum from anywhere
  • Public participation—A safe, efficient way to engage with constituents
  • Reliability and accessibility—Superior performance to other online platforms
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