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MediaStar Systems

MediaStar Systems are the leaders in visual communications. It designs and manufacture products that relate to IPTV, AVoIP, streaming, and signage. It creates products that can capture your content. It understands the importance of storing important media assets. Its product creation enables you to be able to display your media messages on various devices from computers to phones and allows for redistribution of your media assets from iVOD but via wireless live streaming as well. Its systems are the solution, and fit every requirement and every budget.

About MediaStar Systems

Once known as CableTime, in 2020 MediaStar Systems chose to do some rebranding but still embrace the excellent service that it provides to our clients. MediaStar Systems has been helping thousands of clients for the last 35 years. With our in-depth knowledge of TV, networks, IP, and Digital Signage, it just keeps on delivering.

MediaStar is proud to bring its expertise. With its quality of service and team of experts, it knows it can always meet our clients’ expectations. MediaStar Systems is always aiming to make an impact and help clients improve their establishments. Additional info:

  • Offering services in over 90 countries
  • MediaStar Systems are sold and supported in over 17 countries across the globe
  • Small company with over 20 employees, each packed with knowledge
  • Head office is located in Newbury, Berkshire UK, with services offered around the globe
  • Over 3,000 installations worldwide

While MediaStar Systems may seem small compared to the big dogs, its clients have rejoiced in its work, dedication, out-of-the-box thinking, and passion for keeping up with the constant advancements in technology.

What MediaStar Can Do for You

MediaStar Systems is the smartest way to distribute video services for your building or establishment. It knows cabling infrastructure – whether your building uses 5/6 data cables or something such as IP distribution by WAN or LAN, MediaStar Systems is here to help! So, what can it do for you? MediaStar focuses on delivering live and store video content over IP networks (or other traditional methods) that are mainly used for digital signage, broadcasting, or corporate communications.

MediaStar Systems Works for Sports & Entertainment Venues, Corporate Offices, Education Sector, and So Much More!

No industry is too big for MediaStar!   MediaStar systems have experience with over 3000 installations worldwide and have covered a variety of industries. Its suite of products can be for any sector, providing you with the necessary tools that you need to improve the efficiency of your message or communications system within your organization.


From Airports, metros, and even terminals for ferries, MediaStar has supplied many systems for each of these forms of transportation. Offering impeccable services to transport hubs all over the globe is something it takes great pride in.


From brick and mortar chains to small businesses, retailers need to compete. Not only is retail having to compete with one another, but also with eCommerce as too. Physical shops have to be eye-catching; they have to have ways to lure their customers in. That’s where MediaStar Systems comes in. Providing help to hundreds of retail-based businesses, it’s happy to say that it’s succeeding in projecting the message that its clients are wanting to reach to their target customer base.


When it comes to venues, reaching out to the audience is important. It’s so important that it’s also a part of the entertainment too. From party-based venues for concerts all the way to sport-related games in stadia, it always aims to drive the maximum revenue for its clients. MediaStar services have helped completely transform experiences in venues.


Whether it be an interactive experience at your local museum to digital signage at the lecture hall at the university. Education has long adopted the digital age, and there’s no stopping that. MediaStar Systems has helped a variety of educational establishments with their displays screens, so students not only learn more but multiple content sources are being projected.


The government sector is one with that MediaStar has a long relationship. It has always focused on providing a secure and compliant distribution. MediaStar Sytems is proud of providing services for the government and military sectors. From government establishments all over the world, it has ensured they it can help them cater properly to the changes in technology and the market to get their messages across.

Mediastar systems product line

MediaStar Systems Products and Services

MediaStar knows traditional advertising is not only expensive, but it tends to not work either. As an organization, you have a message that you’re trying to get across to others, your audience. It knows the importance of reaching your audience. Your targeted message needs to have rapid growth.

With its experience in numerous industries from education or entertainment, MediaStar is always striving to provide eye-catching and relevant that your audience will appreciate. It has the power to make a lasting impact, a memorable impression that you just can’t forget all on an affordable budget. Here’s what MediaStar Systems offers your organization:

  • Media Encoders
  • Media Portal pages for Live Streaming
  • Media-related accessories
  • Racks
  • Re-cast & Transcode
  • Media Gateways

From hardware to online web portals, MediaStar Systems offers a variety of products and services that can transform your business communications and effectively get your business message across.

The Process at MediaStar

MediaStar Systems knows the importance of investing in your organization’s future. Every little bit counts which is why you need to ensure that each choice you make in the decision-making process for your business is a good one.  Its seamless process is simple and will proceed like this:

  • Consultation
  • Manufacture
  • Installation Support
  • Software Training
  • Support and Aftercare
  • Advance Replacement

MediaStar System Awards

MediaStar was named the finalist in the new Manufacturer Business Award category from the Innovation Awards 2020.

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