Making a Hybrid Workforce Really Work

Ask Yourself…

  • How are Digital Transformation initiatives impacting culture and productivity?
  • Where is the risk of employee disconnecting, burnout or attrition?
  • Is our culture supporting innovation and efficient collaboration?
  • What are high performing teams and influential leaders doing?
  • Where do we place our teams to do their best work?

These questions are too important to linger…

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The Right Tool to Get Answers - FAST

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Actionable Insights:

  • Quality of the meeting
  • Confidential individual meeting contribution
  • Project success probability
  • Relationships, perceptions and emotions
  • Capture & monitor progress

Ease of Use:

  • Makes a small footprint
  • Achieve impact with low disruption
  • Simple link to add to meeting invite
  • Feedback request via email
  • Confidential graphical results

Cognitive Meeting Quality is Matchless

Monitor, predict, develop, and continually
review Agile & Waterfall Project Success
Probability, Governance, Risk, Contracts,
and Team Culture.

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Simple & Easy to Use

Employee engagement monitoring beyond what you thought possible.

No technical support required

Cloud-based, nothing to install

Minimal training for administrators

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Brief orientations for teams

Automated access & reporting

Mobile & PC compliant

See how you can Save Time and Money – Schedule a Demo!

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