Mercury notifications

Mercury Notifications

Mercury Notifications is a manufacturer of life safety technologies. The company engineers and produces compliance-based, fully-integrated mass notification systems for organizations throughout the US.

They focus on designing flexible, scalable, and reliable solutions that integrate with security, AV, access control, and fire systems to create a unified life safety ecosystem that keeps everyone informed during emergencies and other critical events.

About Mercury Notifications Mass Notification Systems

Mercury Notifications creates technology that acts as the foundation for every organization’s life and safety ecosystem — making it possible to reach everyone quickly during an emergency. The company believes complete integration is the key to the successful deployment and operation of life-saving systems.

The company helps design mass notification systems to create a world where every organization realizes the importance of protecting their customers and employees — and helps them achieve it.

Mercury Notifications make the world safer and better informed, one message at a time. The company improves communication and life safety systems across various platforms to facilitate better outcomes during emergency situations, providing notifications that reach everyone every time.

They’re the only US manufacturer that offers a single source for audio and visual notifications, system controls, and third-party integrations for life-saving technologies that comply with UL 864 and UL2572.

Clarity, Conciseness, and Consistency

In every product and all that the company does, it keeps everything clear, concise, and consistent to foster the best communications. The company focuses on transparency so that you’re always in the know.


Mercury Notifications keeps its information organized and targeted to ensure notifications reach the right people through the right systems, improving the way we communicate.


Mercury Notifications is committed to sourcing locally and is a proud US-based manufacturer that operates out of New York.


The team at Mercury Notifications values time. They know that it’s truly valuable not only in emergency situations but also in how the company meets your project timelines and needs.


They also focus on making the process and your overall experience with Mercury Notifications’ solutions simple. With products that are easy to understand, quoting processes that are easy to navigate, and supporting sales and management teams that are pleasant to deal with, simplicity is at the core of Mercury Notifications.


Like the company’s mass notification systems, they keep in touch with their customers using multiple touchpoints to ensure they communicate what they do while helping their customers understand their systems. Mercury Notifications keep everyone informed.

Mercury notifications mass alert system network

Mercury Notifications Solutions For

Mercury Notifications provides life-saving communication systems for various industries, including:

K-12 Schools

Mercury Notifications believes nothing is more important to our future than keeping children safely engaged in learning within our community and local schools.

Higher Education

Mercury Notifications helps give students clear direction in cases of campus incidents to help keep our institutions, colleges, and students safe through anything.


Mercury Notifications helps small and large business owners keep their teams informed and on top of their corporate objectives and safety requirements.

Insurance and Healthcare

Mercury Notifications provides mass communication and notification systems to insurance and healthcare professionals to ensure the safety of their support teams.

Government and Municipal

Mercury Notifications introduces strategies for reducing and eliminating risks with MNEC systems that meet compliance and standard guidelines for government and military facilities.

Transportation and Manufacturing

Mercury Notifications designs MNEC systems that give transportation and manufacturing professionals a way to communicate information in real time, whether on the road or in the plant.

Mercury Notifications Products and Services

Mercury Notifications specializes in manufacturing a suite of life-saving technologies, like the company’s n.FORM system — an end-to-end, supervised solution, providing the software, controls, and hardware needed for any mass notification, non-emergency, and emergency communication needs — all while maintaining UL864 and UL2572 compliance.

No matter the situation, the company’s products allow you to distribute targeted messages via a variety of channels, including:

  • Audio
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Email
  • SMS and text
  • Twitter
  • Teams and Skype
  • Digital signage

n.FORM Headend Rack Mount

Mercury Notifications’ Headend Rack unit is a replacement for bulky headend equipment that we usually associate with paging and music systems. It meets the standards of mass notification systems and also integrates with fire alarm control panels.

This product can reinforce fire alarm annunciation, deliver non-fire emergency notifications, and shut down paging functions during an emergency.

The company’s n.FORM Headend Rack Mount features:

  • An integral keypad
  • An integrated LCD screen
  • Text-to-speech
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • Buttons to manually trigger emergency messages
  • Push buttons for emergency paging
  • Emergency control overrides
  • Microphone for paging and testing
  • LED indicators
  • Internal speakers
  • UPS connection
  • Six audio inputs
  • Auxiliary MIC inputs
  • Local and global MIC and phone inputs
  • Fire panel control interface
  • Data and audio cable connections
Mercury notifications n form

n.FORM Operating Platform Rack Mount

This Mercury Notifications product delivers superior messaging with coverage of up to six million sq. feet per system.

It’s a smart system that monitors its internal temperature and reports the status of each individual speaker. It meets UL864 and UL2572 standards for mass notification systems. Each system includes a multidrop network that bypasses failures to continue communications throughout the entire network. It achieves more connectivity than Point-to-Point networks.

This Operating Platform Rack Mount from Mercury Notifications groups sound sources and channels, allowing for the customization of a near-limitless number of zones. It allows users to completely control the entire network and its operations.

The company’s n.FORM Operating Platform Rack Mount features:

  • Two integrated LCD screens
  • Automatic diagnostic testing for system performance
  • Independently functioning channels — connect up to eight speakers per channel
  • A connection for up to 128 speakers
  • A keypad for user setup, input, diagnostics, and configuration
  • Removable mounting brackets
  • Six audio inputs
  • 16 speaker channels with RJ45 connectors
  • Temperature monitoring
  • LED indicators for status, power, activities, and faults

Other Products

Mercury Notifications carries other products, too, including:

  • A wide range of speakers — indoor, outdoor, mounted, and more
  • Audio interfaces
  • Smart routers
  • IO expanders
  • SIP interfaces
  • Amplifiers — mixers, multi-channel, 25W to 250W
  • Ancillary Equipment — relays, strobes, emergency buttons, paging microphones, and more
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