Middle Atlantic 1 RU Brush Grommet Panel Review

Are you tired of having all of your cables looking disorganized in your data center? It may be time to order the Middle Atlantic’s Brush Grommet Panel BR1. This panel can keep all of your cables out of sight. When you need a solution for those multiple cables in your computer spaces, make sure to choose the Brush Grommet Panel.

Why Do You Need the Brush Grommet Panel BR1?

If you are tired of having a computer center that looks unorganized, then this Brush Grommet Panel is an excellent option. All you have to do is push the cables through the panel, and they are out of your sight. These panels are manufactured with steel and powder coated for added durability. You can use these panels in many server racks and cabinets made by Middle Atlantic. However, this brush panel can be placed in both wall-mountable and free-standing cabinets. 

The purpose of the brush panel is to cut down on dust and debris. In many cases, computer equipment can attract large amounts of dust. If any of that gets into your components, it can lead to overheated equipment and potential damage. You can avoid all of those problems with this Brush Grommet Panel. The thick brushes ensure that dust will not make its way into your valuable equipment. Plus, you can safely keep those cables off the floor, where they can be a tripping hazard. 

Use the Brush Grommet Panel With Other Products

Middle Atlantic has a full range of products that you can use with this Brush Grommet Panel. Whether you have a wall-mounted rack or free-standing cabinet, this grommet panel is sure to be a winner. All you have to do is attach it in place for a cleaner look to your data space

While many computers and data centers frequently use this item, you can find plenty of other uses around your home. Take those modem wires and place them through the panel. With that, you can keep the cables safe away from pets and children. Along with that, your gear can stay protected from damaging debris. 

Trust the Middle Atlantic Name

Middle Atlantic is known for its high-quality products, and you will get the same results from this Brush Grommet Panel. It is durable and has plenty of uses. With its wide opening, you can fit about 25 cords through the brush area. This panel is guaranteed to give your racks and cabinets a more professional appearance, and you will never have to worry about issues with your cords again. 

Finding the right components to keep those cords organized can be a challenge. However, you can find the ideal solution to these problems with the Brush Grommet Panel from the Middle Atlantic. 
With its thick brushes, you can finally say goodbye to those dusty backsides of computer equipment. Along with that, you can eliminate any debris from damaging your valuable equipment. When you need to find a durable brush grommet panel for your cabinet or rack, make sure to choose this model from the Middle Atlantic.

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