Middle Atlantic BRK8 Audio Rack Review

Middle Atlantic
Middle Atlantic RK-8 8-Space Audio Rack

The Middle Atlantic RK/BRK Series Laminate Rack BRK8 is a fantastic value for form and function. Rack includes pre-drilled mounting holes for easy additions.

  • Enhanced high-quality black woodgrain laminate finish
  • Easily assembled with included hex key and hardware
  • 16" deep
  • Optional RKW caster kit available

The BRK8 BRK Series Rack from Middle Atlantic is an exceptional 8 RU rack enclosure that is designed to house your studio rackmount gear. It features MDF construction with an elegant black laminate woodgrain finish. This BRK-8 Series Rack comes with a steel rack rail and all of the hardware needed to assemble the unit. This audio rack can house 200 pounds of rackmount gear.

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Middle Atlantic BRK8 8-Space Audio Rack Overview

The BRK8 BRK Rack from Middle Atlantic is a quality rack that’s ideal for permanent installations, and they come in a wide range of sizes to meet your gear needs. If you’re searching for a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to plastic molded audio racks, the BRK8 by Middle Atlantic won’t disappoint. Made from furniture-grade MDF and a black laminate finish, these BRK8 racks look stunning in the studio. 

These racks are made of durable ⅝” thick and high-density particleboard that’s covered in a black laminate. It’s 16” deep and comes equipped with 11-gauge rack rails. The BRK Series Audio Racks from Middle Atlantic get the job done right and look good at the same time.

Middle Atlantic BRK8 8-Space Audio Rack Features

  • The 19” equipment rack is perfect for permanent installations.
  • It ships flat, making for easy storage and assembly.
  • Included with the BRK8 Audio Rack are decorative snap-on screw caps and an allen key for simple setup.
  • It’s constructed of high-density, thick particle board with a beautiful black laminate finish.
  • The pre-installed rack rail is made of ⅛” thick steel and features tapped full hole spacing to fit all of your equipment.
  • It has a height of 14” (8 space).
  • It has a depth of 16”.
  • It has a stunning black laminate wood grain color.

The Middle Atlantic BRK8 Audio Rack gives you great performance and great value.

Middle Atlantic BRK-8 8-Space Audio Rack Specifications

  • Rack Spaces: 8U Build 
  • Material: Laminated High Density Particle Board 
  • Color/Finish: Black Wood Grain 
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs. 
  • Height: 15.48″ (exterior), 14″ (interior)
  • Width: 20.4″ 
  • Depth: 15.91″ (exterior), 15.41″ (interior) 
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BRK8

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Middle Atlantic BRK-8 8-Space Audio Rack Reviews

Customer reviews of the Middle Atlantic BRK-8 8-Space Audio Rack are exceptional. Here’s why buyers love the BRK8 Audio Rack:

  • The simplicity and sturdy build
  • You can combine two to create a 16 space rack.
  • It’s a permanent solution that looks great with most furniture.
  • They’re perfect for mounting preamps.
  • The price is amazing, as is the quality.
  • It works better and costs less than audio racks from other companies.
  • The racks are easy to put together, and all of the parts and tools are included with the package.
  • The finish and fit are excellent for the low price.
  • The rack is exceptionally strong.
  • Great value, easy to assemble, and extremely sturdy

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