Middle Atlantic UTR1 Rackshelf Review

Middle Atlantic
Middle atlantic utr1 - rack shelf - black powder coat - 1u - 19

UTR1 Rackshelf is designed to hold tiny components, wireless devices, and other similar equipment. Cooling air circulation is provided through vents.

  • Durable, strong, one-piece steel construction
  • Holds up to 25 pounds
  • Allows you to rack-mount small components
  • Dimensions: 19" overall width, 17. 38" shelf width 1. 75" high x 10" depth
  • Lifetime limited

If you have ever walked into some data centers or recording studios, it can look like an equipment explosion. With all of that valuable gear, the last thing you want is to store it on top of each other where it can fall to the ground. The Middle Atlantic UTR1 – Rack Shelf – Black Powder Coat – 1U – 19″ is your answer to secure storage

Why Choose the UTR1 Rack Shelf?

Maintaining your gear is essential, and one way to keep it safe is by storing it with the proper shelving racks. The UTR1 can help you get that gear off the ground and keep it from becoming damaged. Plus, this shelf can give your room a more professional image. This durable rack is made with one piece of steel construction, and it allows you to rack mount those small components. The shelf can hold up to 25 pounds of gear. With that, you never have to worry about the shelf falling on other equipment in the rack. 

Help Organize Your Gear

These shelves are perfect for those smaller pieces of equipment. You can easily use this shelf to swap out any damaged or broken frames in your existing rack. The UTR1 is durable enough to keep all of your gear from overheating, The bottom notches allow heat to escape and air to flow around the equipment. With that, you don’t have to worry about overheating equipment breaking down and causing damage to the component. Plus, well-ventilated equipment can help to prevent any fire hazards in your data center, recording center, or home. 

A Variety of Uses

With this Middle Atlantic rack shelf, you can use it for a variety of needs. For many people, they place the shelf in a rack to secure recording or computer equipment. You can even use it at home for your needs. Use the shelf to hold your printer or modem. Anything that you want secured can be added to the UTR1. These shelves also have enough open space that you can easily connect wires and cables without worrying about them tangling on the shelves. 

Trust Middle Atlantic’s Stellar Reputation

Savvy consumers know that Middle Atlantic has been a trusted brand name for several years. Its products have a quality and durability that the competition cannot match. Plus, Middle Atlantic stands behind all of these racks, shelves, and other products. When you purchase the UTR1, it comes with a lifetime guarantee against any defect in the materials or quality of the product. With that level of trust, you can have some peace of mind that Middle Atlantic’s warranty will protect your products. 

Purchase UTR1 Utility Shelves

Choosing to buy these shelves might seem like the perfect decision. You have a durable shelf that can hold up to 25 pounds of your gear. Plus, it has a nice finish that will look great in any room or space. There is only one choice for a high-quality utility shelf: Middle Atlantic’s UTR1 Rack Shelf.

Middle atlantic utr1

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