Minuteman Entrust UPS ETR1500LCD Review

Minuteman power technologies etr1500lcd entrust lcd line interactive ups
  • Efficient Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Hardware - Regulates output voltage for protection against spikes, surges, brownouts, and blackouts
  • Compact form factor - ideal for tight installs
  • Protect all of your devices - 10 power battery backup and surge-only outlets ensure space for all pieces of the system
  • Tool-less Battery Access - Setup and maintenance made easy with tool-less battery panel
  • Efficient, Responsible Power - ENERGY STAR and RoHS 2 Compliant

When you need to power up some equipment, think about the ETR1500LCD Entrust LCD Line Interactive UPS. With this model, you have automatic voltage regulation that helps to power small to medium load applications. Along with that, it features a slim-line profile that can fit in a small space, so you don’t have to struggle with bulky equipment ever again. 

What Can the ETR1500LCD Power? 

The line-interactive simulated sine wave tower UPS can power up network devices, servers, and phone systems. With its compact tower, you can expect significant power from it. Many of the features that you can find in this UPS are typically reserved for those higher-priced models. However, the ETR1500LCD comes at a fraction of the cost. 

With this tower, your valuable equipment is protected against power spikes and surges. Plus, there is an automatic voltage regulation to keep all of your devices safe from any usual power activity. This model even features a battery backup in the case of an emergency. 

With the Entrust LCD unit, you have several outlets that will ensure that all of your drives are protected against any surges. Since the tower is small, it is the perfect solution for cramped spaces, such as a network closet, small desk, AV cabinet, or security center. The ETR1500LCD can support a large variety of equipment like mid-size security DVRs, small telephone systems, network devices, and other types of components

ETR1500LCD Key Features

The ETR1500LCD Entrust LCD Line Interactive UPS protects against surges, spikes, blackouts, and brownouts. This model has four surge- and battery-protected outlets. With its ultra-compact design, you can place this model in almost any space. The LCD front panel display is easy to read and navigate. Plus, it provides simplified communications to your USB ports. 

If you happen to have a power loss, there is a battery for added peace of mind. The hot-swappable batteries are easy to replace and feature a tool-less replacement design. You can even program a battery bypass in your unit when the batteries are dead. These features still protect your equipment by providing voltage regulation with spike and surge protection. 

Managing the tower is convenient. There is a self-diagnosis test built right into the unit. In addition to that, you also have a site-wiring fault indicator with visual and audio alarms. If an alarm happens to sound, you can silence it with a push of a button. 

Protect All of Your Devices

If you are searching for efficient power, you have found the right product. Not only does the ETR1500LCD provide power, but you can easily manage your devices. There is a free download of the Minuteman SentryHD management software that can connect to a USB. With that, you have complete monitoring and management of your UPS. 

You can enjoy a limited three-year warranty for the electrical components, a two-year warranty for the batteries, and coverage under the Minuteman Platinum Protection Plan. 

With help from the ETR1500LCD, there has never been an easy way to power up and protect your devices.

Minuteman power technologies etr1500lcd
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