Minuteman Entrust UPS ETR550LCD Review

Minuteman Power Technologies Line Interactive AVR Tower UPS Power Supply (ETR550LCD)
  • Low-cost line interactive UPS provides voltage regulation.
  • LCD Status Display - Shows power status, load, estimated run-time, warning and fault icons.
  • Independent Battery Bypass - Provides filtered and protected AC power even with low or bad battery.
  • Auto restart after extended power outage has drained the battery.
  • Tool-less user replaceable battery.

The Minuteman ETR550LCD Line-Interactive AVR Tower Uninterrupted Power Supply buys you time when the power goes out and you’re working on sensitive systems. Instead of everything crashing with the power, four dedicated outlets for battery power plus surge protection will continue powering your devices another 3 to 12 minutes, depending on load capacity. That gives you time to save your data and power down your systems properly or switch to a backup generator with no interruptions.

Protection for When You Need It

The Minuteman ETR550LCD Line-Interactive AVR Tower UPS provides eight total outlets for surge protection, while 4 of those include backup battery power. Plug items like light appliances into the surge-only outlets while reserving the battery plus surge outlets for essential equipment like servers, computers, game systems, PAP machines, or anything else vital to continued operations.


The Minuteman ETR550LCD Line-Interactive AVR Tower UPS is a low-cost line-interactive UPS that provides voltage regulation. Its LCD Status Display shows load, power status, estimated run time, warning, and fault icons. The independent battery bypass provides filtered and protected AC power, despite issues with low or bad batteries. The UPS includes an auto-restart after an extended power outage has drained its battery. The battery is replaceable without a tool by the user.

Where to Use ETR550LCD Line-Interactive AVR Tower UPS

Use it in your office. Use it in your data center server room. Use it in your kid’s room attached to his gaming devices and computers. This versatile UPS can go anywhere you need it to, protecting your hardware and data along the way. Uninterrupted Power Supply models are typically used to protect PCs, gaming systems, consumer electronics, home theater electronics, network equipment, and mid-range servers. They can provide power during blackouts, voltage sags, voltage surges, or over-voltage.

ETR550LCD Line-Interactive AVR Tower UPS Product Highlights

The Entrust Series ETR550LCD Line-Interactive AVR Tower Uninterrupted Power Supply features 550Va/330W, 120Vac input & output, voltage range 90-120vac, with (4) on-battery outlets and (4) surge-only outlets. The ETR550LCD provides power for 3 minutes at full load and 12 minutes at half load. The Entrust Series ETR550LCD UPS comes with Sentry Plus software included a 3-year device warranty/2-year battery warranty and a slim-line form factor.

Now You Know The Power of Uninterrupted Power

There’s a way to keep your devices running long enough to be shut down properly during a blackout or power surge. The Minuteman ETR550LCD UPS can keep you covered for when the unexpected strikes. Don’t leave your valuable systems without protection. Grab one today.

minuteman entrust lcd series etr550lcd
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